Top Three Accessories to Highlight an Outfit

Jewelry and Bracelets are often connected to women’s fashion but that is not true. Men who wear jewelry become more common every day. It is a simple way to show your character to the outside world. A men wearing a necklace with a cross is probably religious while a wedding ring indicates your relationship status. So, it’s a good way to show personality.

Accessories are not just watches anymore, it can also be a stylish scarf, rings or other kinds of jewelry. Here are my top three.

Designer or Classic Scarf:

Scarfs were made to protect your most sensible part of your body which is your neck from the cold. The role of scarfs changed dramatically. Back in the days they were mainly used for comfort and not stylish purposes. Now, scarfs can be used to highlight the whole outfit by dragging all the attention towards it. if you want to achieve that, use a designer scarf. Here is an example.

Scarf by Louis Vuitton and Supreme


Belts are usually covered by a shirt or a jacket but why? They can be easily used to add a color or a pattern to an outfit. A trending design is the seat belt. Here is an example.

Belt by Off-White


Jewelry can show a person who doesn’t know you a lot about your character. A chain with a cross for example indicates that you are religious. It can also be simple used as stylish accessorie to give your outfit a different vibe. Here is an example.

Chain by Thomas Sabo

These wear my top Accessories for men. Of course there are watches too, but I think they are already known and a well accepted essential. Accessories like the ones above can give your outfit the specific vibe you were looking for. So, be brave and try it..

Best Jackets to Rock in 2021

Jackets were made to protect you from the cold and to keep you warm but they can also be used as a highlight piece. Here are my top 5 jackets for the upcoming winter and spring season.

Pilot Jacket:

Pilot jackets were like the name already says, made for pilots. That trend goes back to the 1920’s and increased its popularity through movies like Top Gun. The stylish jackets can be worn in either winter or spring depending on their inside material. Big logos and colorful prints on the outside give the jacket a vintage and stylish look. Here is an example.

Pilot Jacket from the movie Top Gun

Fleece Jacket:

After designers picked up the style of hiking shoes and other outdoor equipment, it was only a matter of time until they designed fleece jackets. Trending colors are mocca and cream but basic colors are always good to wear too. Here is an example.

Fleece Jacket by Patagonia

Flannel Jacket:

Flannel is a really soft material that keeps you warm and protects you from the cold. It is often worn by construction workers because it is really thin compared to a normal winter jacket. Flannel jackets usually feature basic square patterns in different colors. As for the fleece jackets, creamy colors are trending. Here is an example.

Flannel Jacket by Hollister

Puffer Jacket:

Puffer jackets are usually very thick and warm. The inside is filled with feathers which gives the jacket a puffed look. Puffer jackets exist in various variations and can be worn with basically everything. Navy blue or Black are good colors because they are more resistant to dirt, especially with the rainy and snowy weather. Here is an example.

Puffer Jacket by Calvin Klein


Coats are a really good options for people who are required to work in suits.Not a lot of winter jackets can be combined with a suit but coats definitely can. It is a timeless piece that makes your look seem more professional. Dark colors like navy, black or brown are really good options because they match with more suits. Creamy and beige colors are more extraordinary but still a very good option. Here is an example.

Classic Coat by Zara

These are my top five winter jackets. Having at least one or maybe even more would put your wardrobe and your style to the next level. I would personally stick to more basic color ways because winter jackets are usually more expensive and should therefore last longer. So, they probably last longer than a color trend and it would be sad to buy a new jacket because the color isn’t trending anymore.

Best Hat Trends for Men in 2021

Hats are a way to highlight or a complete an outfit but adding a specific style or color to it. It can also be used to cover a bad hair day or a quarantine cut. The lockdown of barbershops should us the actual worth of stylish hats and therefore we looked for possible hat trends in 2021.

Here are our top trends.

Trucker Cap:

A trucker cap is a variation of the classic baseball or dad caps. The adjustable snapback provides a customized fit. The mesh panels offer a see through look and awesome ventilation. The hat is very vintage and stylish. Here is an example.

Trucker Cap by Goorin Bros


The beanie is a timeless and a stylish winter essential. It can be worn in all different sorts of colors. Even though it’s a winter essential you can basically also rock it in the spring or fall. Here is an example.

Beanie by Carharrt

Baseball or Dad Cap:

The caps origin from sports teams like the New York Yankees. The slightly curved shield and the adjustable strap back provides a customized fit. They are a great adjustment to sportswear but also to add a vintage look to basically any outfit. Here is an example.

Baseball Cap by New Era

Panama Hat:

This classic Panama hat is the perfect accessory for your tailored suit matched with dress shoes. It can also be paired with khakis and t-shirts. Here is an example/

Panama hat by Cuyana

Flat Cap:

Popular among celebrities and television characters, flat caps come from humble roots. The flat cap was really popular amongst chimney sweepers and farmers. These stylish pieces of headwear come in either wool, tweed or cotton. Here is an example.

Flat Cap by Hilfiger

Here are my top five trending hats for men in 2021. I personally owe several of these items already and I can see that they are worth investing. They basically last forever if treated nicely and pretty much all of them survived the change of time. I used examples of affordable classic brands. You can’t really go wrong by getting New York Yankee baseball hat. Here is a style icon wearing a flat cap.

David Beckham wearing a flat cap

Sneaker Trends 2021

Sneakers are a great clothing piece to highlight an outfit. Which sneakers you should get for 2021 will you see in the blog below. I will also include my personal opinion about the trend.

Trend 1: White Minimalism

Classic, minimalistic white sneaker are a must have for a men’s wardrobe. You can either wear them in a more sporty outfit or with an expensive suit. Another big advantage is that white sneakers can always be found for sale. Here are some classic white sneaker.

Rating: White sneakers are a must have. I personally own several pairs. So I would rank that trend a 10/10

Trend 2: Classic Shoes

Most of the trends are not here to stay but classic sneakers like Nike, Adidas or Vans are timeless. They will never get out of fashion. Here are some of the most timeless sneakers.

Rating: There are some sneakers like the one below that are just must haves. You will never go wrong with classic sneakers. I rank that trend a 10/10

Trend 3: Colorful Sneaker

Don’t be afraid of colors. Colorful sneaker are a big trend for the upcoming seasons. Use them in combination with a simple outfit and you will conquer the streets. Here is a famous example. That’s the Nike x Off-White by Virgil Abloh.

Rating: I really like colorful sneaker but if you don’t have a lot of sneakers, I would rather invest in more classic sneakers like the ones above. if you are a sneaker fan, I would highly recommend to rock that trend. So, I give it a solid 8/10.

Trend 4: Tie-Dye

Tie-Dye sneakers getting more popular for boys and girls this fall. Be brave and try to rock the look. Here is an example.

Rating: I honestly don’t like the trend at all. I like tie-dye shirts but not sneakers. I think you would regret buying them in a few months. I rank them a 2/10.

Trend 5: Stylish Suede

The focus is on the suede with neutral tones such as light-blue or light-olive. The suede adds visual interest and texture to simple but stylish outfits. It also fits well with leather. Here is an example.

Rating: I think it’s a really good option and can increase the interest of an outfit. The tones are really nice and therefore I rank the trend a 8/10.

Trend 6: Techno-Sneaker

It’s sounds weird but sneakers that look kind of spacy and technological are trending this season. Sneakers that give you the “back to future” vibe are the ones you should go for. Here is an example.

Rating: I repeat myself but I think wearing these sneakers can be nice but they are tough to match with outfits. It’s only worth investing if you already owe some sneakers with basic color ways. I will rank that trend a 6/10.

Trend 7: Dad-Sneaker

Even though they are known as ugly sneaker or dad sneaker they are trending. Famous Luxury brands like Balenciaga or Gucci but also Nike create similar designs. After you get used to it, the sneaker looks better. So, check them out. Here is an example of one of Balenciaga’s dad sneaker.

Rating: In the beginning I didn’t like the sneakers but by now I think they look actually very decent with some outfits. I still think they will not last long in the world of fashion. So, I would recommend to get a cheaper alternative then Balenciaga or Gucci. I rank the trend an 5/10.

Trend 8: Hiking Shoes

Made from light and waterproof materials, hiking sneakers continue the theme of functional sneaker. They are convenient for extreme conditions but the upcoming seasons also for the urban area. Here is an example.

Rating: I personally don’t like the trend at all. The only time I would rock Hiking shoes is on an actual hiking trip. So, I rank that trend a 2/10

Trend 9: High Silhouette

It’s a fairly stylish and original solution, which was created by the collaboration of Nike and Converse. Other sneakers with high silhouettes are for example “Air-Jordans”. Here is an example.

Rating: I really like that trend and I was actually about to buy Jordans. So, I rank that trend a 9/10.

Trend 10: Attention on the sole

Sneaker where the main attraction is on the sole are trending the upcoming seasons. Fancy and colorful soles are getting more popular and will be seen more often in the gym or on the streets. Brands like Nike and Adidas really live that brand. Here is an example.

Rating: I personally like that the attention is on the sole. It’s a big part of the sneaker and it draws the attention to the shoe. I rank the trend a 8/10.

Trend 11: Bold and Colorful Sneaker

The prints vary from flames, or hearts to weird animals. There are basically no rules. Here is probably the most trendy sneaker with print.

Rating: There are a lot of trash sneakers out there but also some really good ones. The trend offers the chance to highlight a outfit really well. So, I rank the trend a 7/10 because I really like for example the sneaker below.

Trend 12: Waterproof Sneaker

That trends is about stylish sneakers with functional features. What does men want more? Here is an example.

Rating: The idea of making stylish sneakers more functional seems very appealing and smart. The sneakers probably last longer. I will rank the trend a 7.5/10.


Fashion is a way to show people around you who you actually are without talking to them. I want to give you the opportunity to get impressions and ideas of how to use new trends and include them to your wardrobe.

From Must-have’s to no-go’s. I will share my opinion on every trend and will also give reviews on new products.

So, follow my blog to receive updates on how to dress and also check out my Instagram profile @noahaniser