Oct 06 2017

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The Seahawks Keep the Strangest Streak in NFL History Going.

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Since Pete Carroll took over the head coaching job in 2010 the Seahawks have done what no other team in the NFL has ever done…8 years in a row.

The streak is that, since 2010, the Seahawks have had a score each year that no team has had in the NFL.

  • 2010—Seahawks 36, Cardinals 18
  • 2011—Seahawks 36, Giants 25
  • 2012—Seahawks 58, Cardinals 0
  • 2013—Seahawks 43, Broncos 8 (Super Bowl XLVIII)
  • 2014—Seahawks 36, Packers 16
  • 2015—Seahawks 39, Steelers 30
  • 2016—Seahawks 37, 49ers 18
  • 2017—Seahawks 46, Colts 18

You may not think of it as a big deal but as for Pete Carroll, he thinks “..it’s freaking awesome!”

It is partial credit to the great defense the Seahawks have creating safeties and a couple key missed field goals and extra points.

But no matter how the Seahawks achieve these scores. They are going to enjoy it until the streak is gone. But we’ll have to wait until next year to see if that streak doesn’t continue thanks to the 46-18 win over the Colts this past Sunday night.

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One Response to “The Seahawks Keep the Strangest Streak in NFL History Going.”

  1. fuglsangon 10 Oct 2017 at 8:30 am 1

    I guess this would fall under the bizarre category, but I bet if you dig down into stats and numbers you can come up with any number of firsts and onlys.

    This also represents a growing are of journalism — data mining.