Nov 28 2017

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Anecdote of Dylan Mersola

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Talking to Dylan Mersola I got a very chilled out vibe from him. We cracked out some sarcastic jokes to lighten the mood and with the slight rasp in his voice I felt very relaxed and comfortable to talk with him. Dylan is a pretty open guy when it comes to how he feels about a situation and it made for a very easy interview.

At first he can seem a little standoffish, which is common for people, but when you initiate a conversation there is no telling where the conversation can go. Which is a great way to describe his personality; not really knowing where he will end up, but he does know he will end up somewhere. As Dylan puts it, “Everything happens for a reason and where I end up is where I am supposed to be. But whatever it is I am doing I will put everything I have into it.”

As soon as he said this I related to him a little more and it made me think about all the stress in people’s lives about getting to a certain destination, but not enjoying the journey of how they got there.

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  1. fuglsangon 04 Dec 2017 at 8:36 pm 1

    I like “slight rasp.” Little details help the reader hear and see the person. But overall you’re telling the reader a variety of things. The anecdote should be a specific story that reveals the point you want to make. If you just take Dylan’s quote, and describe a specific moment when he knew he was in the right place, that’s the anecdote.