Oct 10 2017

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NCAA on the Hot Seat for Fraud Allegations

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The NCAA has been hot on the radar as of the late fraud scandal that has leaked from an unknown ex player that has Louisville head coach Rick Pitino in more trouble.

Already under wraps for other allegations including violations tied to the hiring of escorts to have sex parties and strip for recruits and players.

The new allegations that have risen are those of coaches taking bribes from agents of well known brands to funnel the players to signing with the agents in order to bring them to that school as well as future plans of signing the players to those brands as they went pro.

Coach Sikes, Morningside College Men’s Basketball Coach, says “This is just the tip of the iceberg…there’s a lot of guys shredding documents and cleaning out file cabinets trying to get rid of a paper trail.”  

There is going to be a lot more coming for this scandal. A lot aimed towards whether or not college athletes at the high level should be paid or have something chance where it helps them out financially.

Brad Roling, a good friend and fellow high school athlete of mine says, “I don’t think student athletes should be paid directly, but I believe that financially something should be done to help out student athletes so we don’t run into this situation again and prevent future allegations.”

There is a lot more to come with these issues and as Coach Sikes said this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are some deals that need to be figured out because this will be a huge hit on the NCAA. The players, and Pro Athletes as well will be thrown under the bus and a lot of money will be thrown around.

My take on this is that the companies that bribed the players should take a hit as well as the agents that conned them into taking the money. More than likely, there will be a few players that are going to be involved.

And speaking for majority of high school and college athletes I have talked to; if anybody was in their position they would do the exact same thing that those players did and take the deal. That is easy money in their pocket. The kind of money and deals that they have never dreamed of having.

So do I think anything big is going to happen, probably not. But it will have an effect on the future of big school recruiting and sponsorship of athletes.

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