Sep 29 2017

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Alex Watter’s Attitude of Gratitude. How Lucky am I?

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The second that I walked into the room with Alex Watters I could feel passion in his voice. Finding out the reason for his passion struck me deep as he talked about his accident he had as a freshman here at Morningside college that left his paralyzed and unable to walk or have function in his hands.

Like most kids, he had plenty of dreams and goals that he wished for the future. He was asked if he never had his accident would he still have wanted to become an advisor for Morningside College and his answer was very abrupt.

“Not a chance in hell!” He said as he continued to say how his dream was to open a restaurant or own a golf course. With his accident he lost the ability to go out and enjoy the feel of golfing a round with himself or friends. “Golf was my place of peace…the sound is therapeutic.”

“When I was 18 all I wanted was golf, money, and girls…and not particularly in that order.”

Being a big food guy he didn’t really have a preference in what kind of food he would serve but he did say that he is a big dark beer guy. His favorite being Dragon’s Milk.

With his accident he chose to continue his life’s path by being an advisor for Morningside College and wanted to make a difference for other people and lead them on their right path.

Working with all these students makes Alex feel like the parent of them as he watches them on the playing field of their sport or thriving in their classes because he knows how hard they worked to get to that spot.

I take his message as he is helping these students realize that they need to take advantage of every opportunity they have because you never know what could happen. He sure didn’t, but for all that he accomplished since then shows how big of a heart Alex Watters has to give this world.

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