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Dec 13 2017

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Being an education majors sounds easy right? You just have to learn how to deal with kids and teach them stuff out of a book. Well Liz’s story this semester might change your mind.

fullsizeoutput_7Elizabeth Bohlmann (Liz) is a Senior Education Major at Morningside college and had some things to say about the reputation that people have been giving education majors on social media.

“It pisses me off” she says as I asked her how it makes her feel. “They don’t understand how much time it takes.”

Elizabeth is taking classes this semester that are usually set apart for students, and for good reason. The lesson planning and practicum hours pile on each other and make for a busy schedule. Not to mention the two other classes she is taking, the part-time job she has, and a social life to try and keep up with.

Being this far in the education department has taking a little toll on her life. She feels and notices that her life is very different than just a year or two ago. Liz says “My social life on the weekends is almost nonexistent, I have lost a ton of sleep, my mind is always on school, and I always found myself putting school first and it makes me feel guilty.”

Guilty as in not being able to spend a whole lot of time with friends or her boyfriend. Most of the time it is to work on homework.

Liz also participated in track and dance and was highly decorated in both. But this year she decided to make a life change and not participate in those activities so she can just focus on school and graduating. When asked how she felt about it she surprising responded “I love it. After experiencing this semester, I don’t miss it. I didn’t want to put a lot of pressure on myself.

Being hard on herself, perfectionist, and meticulous are good words to describe her personality because she finds herself afraid of failure. Which could be a tool to help you push yourself to be great but it will not help with dealing with not doing the best you can. This creates a lot of pressure on herself and is something that she wants to get better at.

When I asked Elizabeth about what other people are saying about education majors she responded “Every major is difficult in their own way and the stress a little bit different.”

So next time you think about putting someone else down because you are having a tough time, just remember that everyone is more than likely going through something or has something they are struggling with so just worry about you and maybe lend a hand.

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Dec 07 2017

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Mega City Mall Explosion Costs two Lives

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An explosion in the food court at the Mega City Mall happened today at 9:50 am. The cause of the explosion is yet unknown but Sgt. Fulsang released a statement stating it occurred in the food court.

Morningside Student and Starbucks employee says, “At first I thought something fell in the back room but it wasn’t until I saw the people running I knew something was wrong.”

The perp is still unknown and there has not been any proof to it being a terrorist attach. There was security footage at the scene but it is under investigation as of now. Until they are done with the investigation the mall will be closed, “possibly until the end of next week” says Sgt. Fulsang.

There were 2 fatalities, male and female, in the explosion, less than a 100 mall shoppers were injured, and a 12-year-old child is missing. The names of the deceased have yet to be released until the families are contacted and authorities have issued a search for the missing child.

A retired fireman was at the scene and her former training helped her spring into action to try and help out as much as she could until law enforcement showed up. The former fireman stated “I helped out as much as I could, it brought me back to the old days in the force but I did my time and I’m just glad I was there to help out.”

Mega City Mall officials came out with the statement, “Our hearts and thoughts go out to those who were injured today, and to the families. MCM will be closed while we assist law enforcement’s investigation of this tragic event.”

So with the explosion still being investigated the mall will be closed as long as into next week. Authorities are working as fast as they can to solve this tragic event but for now we just need to keep our thoughts with the families affected.

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Dec 05 2017

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Professor Engels Eventful Christmas Break

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Professor Engels, a professor at Morningside for 10 years, and his family are going to be spending Christmas break a little different this year. He and is family, wife Allison and two sons Jack and Nick, are going to be going on a mission trip to Guatemala.

They will be spending 3 weeks visiting a few cities while helping build homes for those in need. Engels will be utilizing his teaching skills by trying to educate the kids in the area and get them involved in the work as well.

Engels says, “Even though we are going on this trip, I still plan on giving the kids some gifts when we return home to Chicago. I am so proud of them for being so enthusiastic about going.”

Engels will return home with just three days until classes start up so he will have plenty of stories for his students come second semester.

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