Nov 21 2017

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Female Roles in Stranger Things

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Stranger Things two, which was released this Halloween, has topped the ratings from when the show’s first season aired last year.

The Duffy brothers, the two creators of the show, did a pretty good job of learning from their inexperienced mistakes from last season and patching up some things or the current season.

The biggest criticism that they received from the first season was that of the lack of women roles in the show. There is an abundance of men that represent different aged roles in the show whereas there are only about one girl. Joyce the adult, Nancy the teen, and Eleven as the kid were the main girl roles in the first season. The rest of the roles were practically used as stand-ins.

Whereas in season 2 the Duffy brothers added Max, a kid who moved from California, to the group but throughout the show is mistreated and excluded from the group. Cody Selig says “I didn’t notice the lack of the female roll until they kept excluding Max.” And they also had an episode where Eleven found her mom and lost sister. Liz says “That episode was stupid. Don’t introduce 5 new characters if they’re never going to be seen again. Waste of my time.”

The big story is way they just forgot about Barb, Nancy’s best friend that was mysteriously taken by an extraterrestrial in Season one, and focused on Will who was in the same situation. In season two they touched more on how they just acted like everything was ok. She continued to say that everything was “bullshit” and this is where her mood towards Harrington changed. She went off with Jonathan to help bring down the Lab in Hawkins that was, what they thought, the source of Barb’s death.

All in all, the Duffy Brothers did recognize the criticism and tried to fix their mistakes that they started in season one. Even though they didn’t please everyone, they still got the result, in Season two, that they were looking for if not better as it got 15.8 million views for its premiere!

Who knows what’s to come next from the Duffy Brothers.

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