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Luke Moellman and Jon Sandler - Great Good Fine OK
Luke Moellman and Jon Sandler – Great Good Fine OK

Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman have discussed combining their passions of music and creating a song together before, but it was not until the two ran into each other on a busy Brooklyn street one afternoon that Great Good Fine OK was created.

Luke was busy creating music with other musicians and Jon was writing and performing music for himself at the time. According to Sandler, the two put their talents together immediately after their run-in and their first hit titled “You’re the One For Me” was created that night. After liking what they heard, they realized there was no turning back.

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Great Good Fine Ok’s sound is something that fits the unofficial requirements of today’s indie-pop bands, a strong synth influence with an 80’s vibe. According to Sandler, they both “have a lot of early R&B in their blood, while Luke has a stronger jazz background making his music more complex and interesting.” A mix between a multi-instrumentalist and Jon’s funky, smooth falsetto vocals is what sets them apart from other current indie bands by giving the listener something unlike any song they heard on their local radio station this week.

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Another thing that sets Great Good Fine OK apart from other modern bands is the process they go through when producing a new tune. Sandler explains that Luke produces a track on his own and then sends this to Sandler to write the lyrics and melody on top, and then they get together to give input on both parts. Sandler says, “Working separately on the things we’re both best at and the things that we both love to do works the best for us.” The duo has shown that they put nothing but genuine passion and effort into their work.

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The eccentric vibe continues in Great Good Fine Ok’s live performance. They strive to be a live performing band that can put on a good show; and according to fans, they have succeeded in this.

Appearance alone lets the audience know that they are in for a treat. The stage outfits are the epitome of a successful day at the thrift shop. Sandler’s shimmering, gold kimono paired on top of silky Aztec print pants pair perfectly with Moellman’s famous “maps on maps” outfit: an all-over map printed shirt layered under a vintage, all-over printed map jacket. The second these two walk on stage, the audience knows that they have something to look forward to.

Jon Sandler performing with Great Good Fine OK
Jon Sandler performing with Great Good Fine OK
Luke Moellman performing in his "maps on maps" outfit
Luke Moellman performing in his “maps on maps” outfit

A first time Great Good Fine OK concertgoer is quickly drawn in by the seemingly flawless falsetto tunes filling the room. The music lines up exactly the way it was meant to be and the synths give the listener a smooth 80’s vibe that they cannot turn away from. Sam Yager of Chicago, Illinois says, “The first time I saw Great Good Fine OK, they were opening for another band and I hadn’t heard of them before; by the second song of their set, I was in love with them.” Thus showing just how important the band’s live performance is.

The future for Great Good Fine OK is looking to be just as bright as the duo’s stage outfits. New music for the band is being written every day, according to Sandler. As far as a new album being released goes, they are just enjoying making music that they are proud of and constantly releasing new music – whether that be through more singles, another EP, or eventually an album.

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While Great Good Fine OK may not yet be a household name, there is certainly a demand for new music from their not-unexpectedly dedicated fan base. Em Berger of Minneapolis, Minnesota refers to the band as “some of the most talented and humble people she has ever met” saying, “they go out of their way to make their fans happy whether that be posing for a ton of photos, hanging out before and after the shows, or constantly going on tour.” She then ends with a statement that the two have lived up to in so many ways, “they are truly one in a million!”

(listen to music from Great Good Fine Ok by clicking here)

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