Story #2 Assignment – 1st draft – All Day McDonald’s Breakfast

People all over the United States are celebrating McDonald’s newest promotion of “all day breakfast” and the Morningside location is showing better than expected results.

The change officially went in to place on October 6th across the country, but the Morningside location started one-week prior, and preparations for the change have been going on for months. According to a shift manager at the Morningside branch of McDonald’s, Ivan, this location went through with a trial period last summer. During the trial, breakfast time was extended from 10:30am to 11:00am. The results showed well for the company and is said to have something to do with the early change in Sioux City.

Ivan explained that nationwide, the corporation expected a trend in sales the first few months after the change and “the Morningside location is doing much better than was even expected.” The location being so close to Morningside College is thought to have a big affect on this trend. Ivan says he has noticed that now students are coming in for breakfast after sleeping in or finishing their morning classes.

Callan Smith, of Sioux City, is very enthusiastic about the change. He says that all day breakfast is something he has seen coming for a while now. He noticed that Taco Bell has been promoting their all day breakfast for a while, possibly pushing McDonald’s to make their move. Enthusiastically, he explained that he has so far loved having the ability to wake up at any time or stop in to the Morningside McDonald’s on his lunch break and freely order an Egg McMuffin. Smith’s reasoning for feeling so strongly about the topic is, “people fought for it, we should use it.”

Smith’s only complaint is that the wait time for every breakfast order after the usual breakfast hours is three to four minutes. This wait is due to all breakfast items having to be made to order and Ivan explained the way that this has changed the kitchen life in the store. Everything had to be changed because the grills are only set up to cook meat. A separate grill was purchased to cook the eggs on. Since things have to be done separately, and the change has brought in a rush, Ivan explained that all employees have had to jump in to help in order to get everything done.

While there has shown to be a positive reaction to the all day change, there are people who still are not happy. Rhonda, also of Sioux City, says that she has never enjoyed McDonald’s breakfast and just does not understand the vivid excitement over the change. She went even further to explain that she wishes the opposite had been executed: making hamburgers and fries also available all day. She says that she would much rather been given the opportunity to have a McChicken for breakfast than a McMuffin for lunch.

Overall, not everyone can be happy. Due to the limited kitchen space, only certain breakfast items made it to the all day breakfast menu and Monte Hansen, of Sioux City, is not pleased with the choices. Upon being denied scrambled eggs at two in the afternoon, he exclaimed, “you call this breakfast? Take the sign down.”

There are definitely opinions from every end of the spectrum to be had on this unexpected topic. Overall, McDonald’s is doing their best to make customers happy and the change is showing well. The change is something that looks like is here to stay thanks to the positive trend in sales.


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