News Comment Week 12

November 10th, 2021 | Uncategorized |

The article I read was about the NFL backing their officials on the subject of a highly controversial taunting call against the Chicago Bears. It broke down the implications of the penalty on the outcome of the game and the reasons the flag was thrown. Tony Correnet and his officiating crew cited the “posture” the Bears player made towards the stealers bench as their reasoning for the penalty.

Though I think the lead was affective, it definitely could have been cut down to a more simple statement and still gotten the point across. It was overly specific with information that could have been used in later paragraphs. Past the lead, I thought the story was well organized. It had a good inverted pyramid giving details on what happened first, then moving on to the implications. Finally, it finished with past information about the season. I enjoyed the last sentence of story which talked about the ridiculous number of taunting fouls called this season.

  1. How the outcome of the game could have changed without the penalty.
  2. What causes the officials to throw a penalty flag in today’s NFL.
  3. What made the NFL decide to crack down on taunting.

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  1.   fuglsang

    Ideas 1 and 2 have potential, I think. I’d read a story about being an NFL ref. No ref has an easy job. But the idea of making decisions that have multi-million dollar consequences for the teams has to weigh heavy on a person.

    Why does the NFL even allow trash talk?

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