“What’s in There?”

October 12th, 2021 | Uncategorized |

I finally decided to enter the Krone advising center after two years of peaking into the multiple offices with gigantic, revealing windows on my way to the library.

As I walk through the first of two doors, I enter a small entrance room with table filled with multiple papers and fliers, as well as a good size frame on the table housing the Morningside University mission statement. Before walking into the main part of the building I glance through the glass door and realize the building is much larger than I thought it was.

Once in the main part of the building I see a room full of futuristic, color bursting décor with entrances to multiple offices branching out of the room. I look up and realize that the ceiling is unusually tall for most office spaces on campus having to be at least ten to twelve feet tall by my estimates. A girl with long, dark hair and squared glasses laying upon her nose greets me and asks if I’m looking for someone. Once I give her a short explanation of why I’m there, she gives me a large smile and introduces herself as Carly Hanson.

Hanson informs me that other kids have entered the building for similar reasons and invites me into her office. I ask her about what happens in the building and she mentions that the building houses all the Morningside advisers as well as members of the marketing team, which she is a part of. When asked about the building, Hanson jokingly says, “Many kids think these are one-way windows and we can’t see them, but little do they know we can see them staring at us.” With a sly grin on her face. I thank her for her time and take on last walk through the building, glancing at the small kitchen filled with food for students and think about how interesting unknown places can be.

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  1.   fuglsang


    “sly grin” used at the right moment.

    Nicely done, Caden. I’m glad you went beyond the assignment to have a good conversation.

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