Though the package said they were “Monster Buddies” they seemed more to me like random blobs with barely noticeable faces slightly carved into them… I guess a monster can look any way the company decides though. These faces came in multiple colors, a red, a dark orange, and a lime green.

The crackle of the package as I reached in to grab a gummy was highly obnoxious, but once the gummy was in my hand there was no noise to be heard.

As I pull one out go the package, it feels like one of those foam ear plugs used by a hunter for when they fire their gun. I realize that they also twist about as easy as the foam ear plugs as well. As I squish them in my fingers they return to shape quickly.

I get a unique, sweet smell as I put the gummy up to my nose to smell it. The smell was mysteriously familiar even though I could not place what it reminded me of.

Once I finally pop one of the orange dummies into my mouth, I get an automatic sweet flavor. Though the taste tells me a juicy orange just landed on my taste buds, I cannot decipher if it is just a placebo effect or not.

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  1.   fuglsang

    Nicely done, Caden. Good on sensory description.
    Good on subjective/objective.

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