Colleges around the world were affected by the Covid pandemic, and that stands true for the students of Morningside University. This is exemplified by the experience of one Caleb Lubbers, who was a Freshman at Morningside during the height of the pandemic.

Lubber’s biggest disappointment is that he was not able to meet more people his freshman year at Morningside.

Even though Morningside encouraged students to meet new people, Lubbers found it difficult to that between restrictions and masks.

The disappointments were not limited to the campus for Lubbers, he also had to miss a trip to New York as well as a trip to Dallas due to cancelations caused by Covid. Lubbers said this about the missed trips, “I was disappointed, I had never traveled the United States or left the Midwest.”

Though never having Covid, Lubbers did have to quarantine two times during the pandemic. “I watched a lot of new television shows” joked Lubbers when asked about how he filled time during quarantine. Luckily, Lubbers mentioned he was able to quarantine with his parents which helped keep him from subduing to loneliness.

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