Oct 30 2012

Mat Reynders

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On Friday we had a guest speaker that we attended instead of class. His name was Mat Reynders who just happens to be the son of the president of Morningside. Mat is a senior advertising finance manager at Time Inc., in New York City. Mat gave a very informative and very well presented speech. Mat’s speech related to my life in many different ways. Mat talked a lot about how his life started out and that is about ready to happen to me as I will hopefully graduate in the next year and a half.

Mat’s presentation really should have related really to his audience as most of us were college students and we all will be experiencing what he was talking about here very shortly and we start our own lives in the real world. Mat gave several key tips like follow your path, don’t stop keep pushing higher, and goals are just checkpoints. Mat really didn’t know what he want to do when he got done with college so he just started jumping into jobs that he new nothing about really and he has just continued to follow that path and he just keeps pushing higher. Each job is a checkpoint for Mat as he never wants to stop learning. All of these tips really blend in with my life because once done with college I will to hopefully start my own path to follow and go up from there. As for my goals as checkpoints I use them already. Each year of college is a goal to me that I want to make it through, but it is also just a check point because I still have at least one year of school left that I need to push through. Mat also listed four takeaways on his presentation towards the end; Ask questions, network, take a risk, and surprise yourself and keep thinking bigger.

Overall, I thought this was a very good presentation and speech that Mat gave to us. I feel like it really related to the audience very well since most of us were college students like I stated above and were going to be experiencing a lot of what he had to say very soon. I really related many of the things he had to say to my own life. I really wish Casey Swails could have made the trip up here to. It would have been very interesting to learn a little bit about NASA and what she does since, I really know nothing about NASA in the first place.

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