Oct 04 2012

Sexism in the Workplace

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I want to say that MNC’s should not protect the shareholder value if that means showing sexism in the workplace but that would not be reasonable. Businesses are going to do whatever it takes to make a profit and be successful in other countries. Even if that means doing things that may go against the beliefs and morals of a company.  And it is likely that how they act and behave may change depending on what country they are doing business in. Multinational companies are not the only thing that changes depending on where they are doing business; you see a lot of change in politicians as well. In order for someone or something to be successful it is imperative that they adapt and become the most appealing that they can for the audience in which they are trying to engage.

For example, in India there is still so much difference between women and men in, not only the workplace, but just in general. Women are still viewed as dowry burdens and female fetuses are either aborted or neglected and left for dead (Wikipedia 2012). If an American business wanted to do international business in India it would be likely that if women were hired Indians would not be likely to either do business there or be a shareholder in the business. Also, they may even petition against the business or do the business harm in some way just because their beliefs are so strong about how women are inferior to men. This is their beliefs and while everyone is entitled to believe what they wish, sometimes it is hard to understand beliefs that differ from our own and that seem so unfair and detrimental to a society.

India is not the only country that has feelings like these towards women, there are many others as well. I strongly hope that businesses would not care about the beliefs of countries like these and hire women if they are the most qualified for the job. But as everyone knows life is not always fair and this will not always be the case. It is all we can do to hold our morals and values and believe that one day men and women will be viewed as equals by everyone in the world. Hopefully, one day this will be something that is only read about in history books but until then it is a serious issue and is something that has to be dealt with in the workplace.


Sexism in india. (2012, Septe 20).

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  1.   Laceyon 04 Oct 2012 at 3:23 am 1

    I would agree with your view. It is unfortunate that foreign countries can not allow women employees and are even unwilling to do business with women. It does seem as if American businessmen are the ones who have to consider other beliefs more than our own, but, as you said, it is just the way things are now-a-days.

  2.   Tayloron 04 Oct 2012 at 3:28 am 2

    This was a great post Bradley James Wright. It is clear that it is an issue in the workplace today, and also not only that, it is going to be an ethical and moral issue that MNCs have to deal with when doing business. These business know that it is wrong and in their code of ethics it probably says somewhere that, “they will treat women equally”, but we all know that is not going to be reasonable. This is because the main goal of these corporations is to maximize shareholder wealth and the MNCs would be putting their shareholders wealth in jeopardy by doing business involving women for example in, India.
    I really liked how you used a specific example in your post as it makes the issue real to the readers and makes them think deeper about the problem. One thing to think about that I saw in another blog from our class is the fact of educating women in the US about these issues over seas and that they may be limited from business deals with these countries as it would put the relationship with that country and corporation in jeopardy. I thought that was a great point because it will help them and they could focuses on the areas where they could help the corporation. It is sad that this is an issue, but corporations cant be naive while this is an enormous issue in many countries still and could greatly hurt their company by doing business with women. But, I agree with you that hopefully someday it isn’t an issue anymore and men and women are treated equal all over the world.