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Aug 31 2010

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Time Management

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I’ve just always tried to stay organized and stay caught up on my homework. I really try not to procrastinate, because I can be really good at that. what has worked for me the best probably would have to be just staying organized and not letting myself fall behind. Making myself stay focused on the most important things also helps me. While at college I just plan on staying organized, not to procrastinate anything, and to use my free time that I get more wisely. I’m going to use a lot of my free time working on homework and staying caught up as much as I can.

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Aug 30 2010

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How do you define liberal arts education? Why is it beneficial?

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Liberal arts education is when students focus on the major of their choice but while they are doing that they get introduced to a wide variety of academic subjects.

They are beneficial because they are usually smaller colleges which means that the student to faculty ratio is low, students are taught by professionals in their field instead of teaching assistants, the emphasis is on undergraduate education, and the students get their hands in many different areas instead of just completely focusing on one subject making them more versatile.

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Aug 27 2010

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10 questions I have about college

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1. Do you have to do an internship to graduate?

2. How many credits to you have to have total?

3. Is it cheaper to live on campus or off?

4. How many credits should I average a semester?

5. Is there any extra curricular activities I have to do?

6. Do most kids stay or go home on weekends?

7. What classes will I need to get my degree in business?

8. Will it be easy or hard to the classes I will need?

9. Does the library have special rooms that you could reserve to have a study session?

10. Are there study groups?

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Aug 27 2010

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10 expectations I have for college

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1. To meet people

2. To mature

3. To finish in four years

4. To grow as a person

5. To be on the varsity ball team

6. To have a 3.0 gpa

7. Pass all my classes with a B or higher

8. Graduate

9. Get my degree in business

10. To be prepared for life after college

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Aug 25 2010

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Hello world!

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Welcome to Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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