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Thursday November 15th 2018



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La La Land: Old Hollywood Meets Jazz in a Dazzling Spectacle

La La Land (01.22.2017) By Jared Martin -- With the Oscars fast approaching it seems that La La Land is the movie to beat. Coming in with momentum after sweeping the Golden Globes, this film has already won an unprecedented seven awards. The film is predicted to win several categories at the [...]

Top Ten Picks to Ease Finals Stress

By Kayla Samek--An important part of getting through the crunch time of Finals Week--whether you have projects, paper, exams, or all three--is taking a break once in awhile. For me, the best break is watching a movie that gives my brain a break. One that doesn't require a lot of effort to pay [...]

Morningside Student Creates Film Festival

By Kayla Samek—For many people, their hobbies merely occupy their spare time. But for Morningside Senior Nik Rasmussen, his film-making hobby has become an important part of his life. He wants to share his passion for underground movies with the people of Sioux City, so Rasmussen created [...]

Movie Review: Miracles from Heaven

Movie Review: Miracles from Heaven

By Rachael Arnts--For anyone not into all the Batman and Superman hype, there is another movie option for you. Columbia Pictures released the drama film Miracles From Heaven on March 16 starring Jennifer Garner. It is the true story of a ten-year-old girl who beats her incurable disease in an [...]

Predictions for Hollywood’s Biggest Night

Predictions for Hollywood’s Biggest Night

By Derek Krayenhagen--The end of February is fast approaching and that means one thing for movie lovers, The Oscars! The Oscars is the time for celebrating all the great movies that took place the following year so in this case 2015.  I will be giving out my predictions for the winners of all [...]