Is Captain Marvel Worth Watching?

By Abby Koch–A combination of Brie Larson, alien cats, and 90’s culture comprises the brand new Marvel movie, Captain Marvel. Larson stars as Vers (aka Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel,) who is searching to end the Skrull and figure out her memory problems. Of course, the beginning conflicts in any Marvel movies are never what they seem and it takes a hero to find the truth.

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Larson brings Captain Marvel to life with her sassy portrayal of the superhero and dominance in action scenes. She shows a very positive depiction of a female hero with how she acts. Larson has a certain swagger about her that she brings to the character that you fall in love with.

 Even so, there are moments where there is a strange shift in Larson’s character from sassy to serious that it doesn’t fit what she is saying about herself. This shift feels disjointed to the initial sassy character that it disconnects the flow of her personality when she becomes serious.

Samuel L. Jackson reprises his role as Nick Fury and plays a good counterpart to Larson. Jackson shines in this movie with how he plays a younger and naïve version of Fury. The banter between Jackson and Larson made the film feel like a buddy cop movie.

In terms of technical aspects, the makeup for the Skrull does seem a bit rubbery and awkward for actors like Ben Mendelsohn. Mendelsohn, who plays the Skrull general Talos, makes his character one of the most liked despite audiences seeing the actor struggle to annunciate lines. All of the Skrull characters are a bit difficult to understand what they are saying because of the prosthetics.

Some of the scenes in movie are very dark and it is hard to see what is happening. This becomes a frustrating occurrence because it tends to happen during action scenes.

The origin story of Captain Marvel Story is not one of the strongest in the Marvel lineup. There are a few bumps in the storyline of the movie as the audience watches but her origin story is memorable with how it is a different take on the start of a new superhero.

Captain Marvel makes sure that the audience knows that they are watching a female empowerment movie with the combination of its soundtrack and line delivery. The combination is a bit cringeworthy in moments, especially with some of the song choices paired with fight scenes.

Captain Marvel is an enjoyable movie overall and has something that everyone can enjoy. It is not the best in the Marvel lineup but it probably stands in the top ten. I give Captain Marvel 7/10 flerkins.

March 21, 2019