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Monday December 11th 2017



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Visit modern Northern Ireland

By Stephen Campbell-- With the end of the semester fast approaching and many wondering what to do with their summer, especially seniors it seemed like a good time to write an article about why people should visit Northern Ireland. The legacy of Northern Ireland in the 1980s and the view that [...]

Mirrors bring campus together

Sculpture finishes Hilker Campus Mall By Nick Buth-- While academic research was on display across campus during the Palmer Symposium, the Hilker Campus Mall was getting its final touches in the form of 20 to 30 tons of limestone with mirror finish stainless steel plates affixed to their [...]

ODK holds honors convocation, presents Tommeraasen Award

ODK holds honors convocation, presents Tommeraasen Award

By Nick Buth-- Omicron Delta Kappa presented the Tommeraasen Award of Excellence to Alpha Lambda Delta at their annual honors convocation April 6.  The new Student Government officers were sworn in and awards were given by Morningside College’s academic departments and honors [...]

All-Campus Electronic Recycling Event

By Jordan Ogren-- Don’t know what to do with that old Walkman CD player? Tired of looking at that tacky, old lamp on your end table? Don’t throw them in the trash! Donate them! The Information Services department will be holding an all-campus recycling event for any and all electronics you [...]

Beavan Visits Campus – How Are We Impacting Our Environment?

By Gustav Hollnagel-- “No impact” man Colin Beavan came to Morningside to give a reflective speech about the demeanor of our society. We keep trading the blame for conditions we are, at least, partially to blame for ourselves.  In general, people should try to find the things in life they [...]

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