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Sunday June 24th 2018



Sorority life: More than just parties

by Lindsey Smith–While sorority life is often regarded as one wild, unending party, the girls of Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII) are trying to prove they are more than the stereotype people see in the movies. With last week marking the start of this year’s recruitment, the sorority hosted bonding events every night to bring in new pledges.

One such member, Madi Schueth, is the vice president of membership recruitments in AOII as well as a counseling psychology major. She works directly with women who want to join the sorority during recruitment.

Schueth initially wasn’t sure she wanted to join but soon realized, “The girls at recruitment were not what I thought at all. We aren’t like girls gone wild. We’re classy. We mostly sit around eating food and watching movies.”

Schueth quickly bonded with the other members. She says, “It feels like a family. Seeing all the other sororities across the nation makes me feel like I have something in common with all these girls I don’t even know.”

AOII also isn’t like most sororities in that it is technically a fraternity. The founders started the group before the concept of sororities existed, so the women of AOII have to work harder to explain who they are to new members.

The sorority also spends a great deal of time doing charity work with the Arthritis Foundation, raising money after the wildfires in Montana, and working with other sororities and fraternities to put on food drives for the Siouxland community.

Every member has a role to play and Schueth believes it’s time well spent, saying, “I feel like I have learned to plan and get people involved. I have to find something that will draw people in and appeal to others.”

To be a member, you must go through classes to learn the history of the sorority as well as the principles of responsibility and leadership. Members are expected to have a respectable GPA and go to all of their classes.

There is a $466 fee for new members, but Schueth believes the experience is worth it. She says, “I love getting to know new people. I definitely love the experiences I get to have with them. The older girls help the younger girls with tutoring. It’s like a ladder.”

Around twenty women came to recruitment last week. Bids will be sent out later this week, but it’s not too late to join. Women can join AOII at any time if they express interest to a member.