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Monday June 18th 2018



Senioritis hits early

By Rachael Arnts–Senioritis. The classic case of a student wanting to end a chapter of their life and start a new one.

With two weeks of school under everyone’s belt, two senior Morningside education students are already showing the symptoms of this “disease”.

Senior English Education major Mattie Carstens has already noticed a huge increase in her homework load, which she has to balance with a part-time job and practicums.

“I’m ready to be done with homework,” states Carstens. “I’m ready to be in my own classroom. I’ve been a student non-stop for the last sixteen or seventeen years. I need something different.”

Senior Math Education major Savannah Hanlin echoes similar thoughts, “I’m ready to have a different type of classroom stress.”

Both students admit that being a college senior is way more stressful than being a high school senior. Carstens and Hanlin are both concerned about how they are going to balance the demands of student-teaching, while trying to work a part-time job in order to continue being able to pay for college. They also have to find the time and the funds to do background checks and take off-campus examinations in order to complete all the requirements of the education program.

No matter how bad the case of senioritis may be, students should enjoy what they have while they still have it.