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Monday October 22nd 2018



Morningside Hosts ‘Branding Yourself’ Event

(4.17.17) By Maggie Ganley–A recent “Branding Yourself” event on campus taught students the importance of creating their own brands and marketing themselves on social media.

Kelsey Martin Speaks to Students

Kelsey Martin Speaks to Students

The Sioux City Growth Organization and Morningside College came together on April 6 to host a Branding Yourself as a Professional seminar in Weikert Auditorium. Guest speakers at the event were Prof. Marilyn Eastman and Kelsey Martin from Chatterkick.

The auditorium was packed with students as this event gave them the “chance to reflect on their unique identity and incorporate that identity into a personal brand statement.  Understanding their values, personality, strengths and ‘image’ is important in helping students establish themselves as a professional,” as Eastman said.

Eastman taught students how to create their own brand by looking at their core values, strengths, personality attributes, and image. Challenging students to come up with an item to describe their core values resulted in many interesting ideas to circulate around the room and helped students learn more about their fellow classmates.

Next, Martin powered up her computer and engaged students by challenging them to play on

Based on questions such as “Do you talk about politics on social media?” and “Do you keep your profile private?” she was able to get a feel for students’ current social media standings and provide helpful ideas on how to improve their appearance on these sites.

The event proved to be helpful to students. As student Jaclyn Arens said, “The branding event was helpful because it taught me about acceptable social media practices.”

Many events such as this one surface around campus throughout the semester, preparing students for life after college.

Arens agreed, saying, “Stacie Hays puts on wonderful events to learn how to become a professional all the time.”