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Thursday December 13th 2018



Influenza Causes Concern Amongst Morningside Campus

(3.2.17) By Maggie Ganley – Influenza viruses have been going around campus, leaving many Morningside students achy, throwing up, and wishing for home.

Flu pictureAt the beginning of February, many students both on and off campus were falling ill. Some students had basic illnesses such as ear, nose, and throat infections while others were falling prey to Influenza A and B.

It was widespread; freshman Maddie Schwerin said she knew over ten people that had the flu.

There were students who went to the doctor immediately after exhibiting symptoms and those who waited to see what happened. The students who waited and weren’t diagnosed with Influenza soon enough to receive proper medication were considered even unluckier than the rest.

Shyanne Raff fell into the latter category. Raff got sick on Friday, February 3 with Influenza B, but didn’t go to the doctor when her symptoms started to show.

“I waited until Sunday, February 5 before I finally went to the ER. The reason I waited so long to see the doctor was because I thought that my symptoms were just from my lack of sleep,” said Raff.

Much to her dismay, the cutoff for receiving Tamiflu was 48 hours after getting the virus. After hearing the best she could do for herself was take Advil and similar medications, she understandably felt upset.

As she said, “I felt horrible and like I wasted my time even trying to get help from the doctors.”

She said it took her about a week and a half to get over her symptoms.

Other students, such as Maddie Schwerin, proved to be more fortunate.

Schwerin started showing symptoms on Sunday and went to the doctor shortly after. She was diagnosed with Influenza B and it took her five days to get over her symptoms of a throbbing head and an “in-and-out” voice. She only missed one day of class.

As is the case with many people that get the flu, Schwerin wasn’t shown too much affection and people tried to steer clear.

As she said, “I didn’t get really pampered in my dorm at all. My boyfriend wouldn’t let me touch him on Valentine’s Day.”

Fortunately, within the last week the number of people with the flu has dwindled down to almost nothing and it’s back to classes as usual for most.