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Tuesday December 18th 2018



Five Shows to Watch Over Spring Break

(03.02.2017) By Jared Martin — It’s Spring break, a time when some students will be heading to exotic locales, like Mexico or Florida, while others will be heading home to visit family.

If you’re one of the latter, how would you like to spend your spring break? By binge watching Netflix, of course!

Five shows I would recommend are Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Bojack Horseman, Freaks and Geeks, Black Mirror, and American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend takes a tried and true sitcom trope (take a good guess about which one), and spins it on its head a couple of different ways. First, takes place in the perspective of the crazy ex, and second, it’s also a musical. It may seem like a bad show idea, since most musical TV shows don’t last long, but this show makes it work.

Jokes come fast and hard, and there’s rarely a moment without one. The songs are catchy and witty, and the characters are fun and relatable as well.

The show stars former YouTuber Rachel Bloom, Vincent Rodriguez III, and Santino Fontana.
There are two seasons available on Netflix.

Bojack Horseman
This unique adult animated sitcom is a razor sharp, cynical look at fame through the eyes of a famous anthropomorphic horse that starred in a fictional 90’s sitcom. The show is filled to the brim with visual jokes, animal puns, bizarre non-sequitors and quirky characters.

Besides being hilarious, the show is also depressing, and tackles issues like mental illness, relationships, sexuality, drugs, and the dark side of fame. It’s a critical favorite in recent years, with incredible comic timing, nuanced writing, and visual jokes that reward repeat viewings.

The show stars Will Arnett, Paul F. Tompkins as a Golden Retriever, Alison Brie, Amy Sedaris, and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul.

There are three seasons available on Netflix.

Freaks and Geeks
Freaks and Geeks was a short-lived comedy-drama about a bunch of high school kids, developing a small, devoted fanbase for its one season in 1999.

Senior Jocelynn Wolff says, “Spring break is the perfect time to binge this show because it is only one season. It also features some big name actors and actresses like Jason Segel, James Franco, and Seth Rogan.”

If you’re looking for some classic high-school dramedy you can find the one and only season of Freaks and Geeks on Netflix.

Black Mirror
Black Mirror is a British science-fiction anthology series similar to The Twilight Zone that specifically focuses on technology and technological advances.

Each episode is written and directed by different people, and as a result have a wide variety of plots, themes, and tones. The premises range from tech-savvy terrorists to virtual reality societies and robot replicas of dead loved ones.

After two seasons on the British Channel 4 Netflix picked it up for a well received third season.
The series has featured actors like Domnhall Gleeson, Haley Atwell, Jon Hamm, and Bryce Dallas-Howard.

American Crime Story: The People Vs. OJ Simpson
As the title suggests this show is a dramatic retelling of the OJ Simpson case in 1995. It gained favor with critics for sharp writing and stellar performances from David Shwimmer and Sarah Paulson.

“I thought it was great,” freshman Dylan Ferguson says, “I highly recommend it to someone who’s looking for a good crime and courtroom drama.” The show is technically a spinoff of American Horror Story, but it retains few of the series’ iconic qualities.

Upcoming seasons of American Crime Story will be based on other cases in history and will be coming to FX in 2018.

The only season is currently on Netflix, starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Kenneth Choi, Nathan Lane, John Travolta, Annette Benning, and Mattehw Broderick.