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Monday October 22nd 2018



How Students Spent Their Snow Day

(02.26.2017) By Rachel Potter — On Friday, February 24, Morningside College cancelled all classes. After speaking with students, not one could remember the last time Morningside canceled every class at once.

Students love having a day off from classes, along with the free time for different actives, from sleeping in to catching up on homework.

Molly McInnis enjoys sledding with her friends and warming up inside with a warm cup of hot chocolate while watching movies.

Sophomore Teagan Nyren, said, “I like to live on the edge during big snow storms. I like to go test the roads, and see how bad the weather really is. During our Friday snow storm I thought it would be a good idea to take a road trip with my friend to Red Lobster. I also enjoy spending time in snow, especially sledding with my friends.”

While some students enjoy spending time outside, other students like to stay inside where it is warm. Jadyn Mohr, junior, explains how she likes to spend her free time on snow days: “I like to lay in bed watching Netflix and drinking coffee topped with whipped cream. I’m currently binge watching Gray’s Anatomy.”

Sabrina Guerra, junior, said, “I like to enjoy my snow days catching up on my sleep and my homework. I take the time to do homework as well as other tasks that I have been putting off.”

Overall, students at Morningside enjoy the free time to be able to spend their day the way they want, whether by sledding in the snow or catching up on homework.