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Wednesday November 14th 2018



Yoga: Boys Are Allowed, Too

Jason Latta striking a yoga pose

Jason Latta striking a yoga pose

Morningside College freshman Jason Latta attends the general yoga class held every Monday at the HPER on campus. A part of Latta’s life since his time at church camps in high school where it was a spiritual practice, yoga is a way for him to relax and have fun while not breaking the bank.

Latta is a computer science major with four minors in math, physics, psychology, and philosophy. He is also a member of climbing club, philosophy club, the gay/straight alliance, and Gender Undone on campus.

With all of these activities, Latta likes the personal challenge of yoga. It isn’t a competitive sport, and while he is one of only a few other male students who regularly attend, he doesn’t feel different since everyone is focusing on completing the correct poses and don’t really care how you’re doing.

Latta’s favorite yoga position is called the tree pose, which he considers to be one of the easier positions in the general yoga class that varies in difficulty and doesn’t require expert knowledge. One leg is planted firmly on the ground while the other is in a bent position with the foot placed behind the knee. Arms are stretched out from the shoulders for balance.

While Latta has been doing yoga for several years, his advice to fellow students who might be hesitant to try yoga is simple.

“It doesn’t matter how long you’ve done it, you still fall on your face, don’t be afraid.”