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Wednesday November 14th 2018



SkyView (App Review)

Kayla Perkins–Look to the stars! Well, look to your phone screen, and you will see beyond what the eye can perceive. SkyView is a map to the universe, using GPS and a screen to show information on every star in the sky. Users can look through their screens at the sky and the app will show all the stars, constellations, satellites and planets in the sky. This app is free, and is available for iOS and Android.

Simply point and click on any object on your screen while facing the sky, and the universe will open to you. SkyView contains information on visible stars, planets and other orbiting objects, showing not only information on them but their orbits, too. Users can view trajectories of man-made satellites and the Moon. They can find the planets with ease. Constellations, are also visible along with information on their paths and viewable dates. So head outside, and let SkyView be your guide.

This month is a great time to get the app, in fact, because of the annual meteor shower Eta Aquardis, which takes place each night until May 21st. I am an avid user of this app, and I enjoy it a lot. This app has it all, showing even the smallest stars visible each night. While you can use it during the day, it is definitely more interesting to use the app at night when you can also see the stars with just your naked eye.

By using this app I have learned that a lot of stars I thought were stars are actually planets or satellites! Space fans on any level will find entertainment with this app, especially when stars are at their most visible.

I am giving this app an 8/10, because while there is information on every star, the amount of objects on the screen can be overwhelming at times. The GPS system can also be off a little, so it takes some adjusting each use to get it just right. However, beyond that the app is able to show exactly where each object is in the sky, and provides detailed information on each. This app is one I would definitely recommend, because whether you be in the city or the countryside this app allows everyone to see into the stars.