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Senior Art Student’s Nightmare

By Kayla Perkins–As the school year comes to an end seniors prepare to wrap up their college careers. For some this involves simply meeting with advisors, but for others, for the art students, it involves expressing their growth in senior art shows. However, for one student, growth would not be able to be reflected.

Jennifer Fleming, a photography major, experienced an art student’s worst nightmare when her computer crashed, and the past four years of her work were wiped out.

Jennifer “Jenny” Fleming was a week away from her senior art show, and a day away from printing her pictures when her computer crashed overnight.

“I remember picking up her computer, because the screen was blue, and waking her up, because her computer had crashed,” said Megan Bailey, Fleming’s roommate and friend of three years. “It was horrible, because she was so close to her show, and then it was all gone.”

Despite taking her computer to tech services, all of her files and pictures could not be saved.

“They just said “we’re sorry, we couldn’t get it back.” They were just as baffled as I was, Macs never get the blue screen of death. It’s heartbreaking, that’s four years of my life just gone,” said Fleming.

However, what was more heartbreaking was the fact that her art show was a week away, and she had nothing to show for it.

“I panicked, and there were a lot of tears, I’ll admit,” said Fleming. “I was supposed to print my pictures the next day, and then I had nothing to show.”

However, despite the odds Jenny was able to come through with her art show, displaying photos in both black and white and in color in Morningside’s library.

“It wasn’t the best, and it didn’t reflect my growth very well, because they were older pictures, but I think, given the circumstances I was in that I did a decent job pulling through,” said Fleming.

And when asked for any advice she had to give she nodded sagely.

“Back up your images! Back them up! Save them everywhere, seriously, I can’t pressure that enough,” said Fleming. You never know what might happen, and you should always have backups anyway so save your stuff! Always.”

May 3, 2016