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Sunday October 21st 2018



Would You Go to the Movies Alone?

By Derek Krayenhagen–To me, going to the movies has always seemed like a group activity. When I was in high school it was always my friends and I attending movies together, never alone. Now that I am in college and my time is more limited it seems harder to always find people to go with to anticipated movies,  it got me wondering: would you ever go to the movies alone?

When I was asking this question I got a mixed bag of answers but surprisingly enough, the most popular answer was… yes, I would go to the movies alone. The second highest answer was “depends” which is an easy cop out but I guess I could understand where this could apply.

Wes Brown, a junior Morningside and avid movie lover told me this about attending a movie alone.

“Depending on the movie, a comedy, I would want people to go with me to laugh with,” said Brown. “But a movie like Batman vs. Superman, I wouldn’t care [if I went by myself] but Captain America I want to go and argue with them.”

Zach Polk, another junior here at Morningside College said, “No, I would definitely try and find people to go with.”

This was the answer I was most expecting.

However, more students than I expected are open to the idea of seeing a movie that they want to see alone. And is there anything wrong with that? It seems as if it would be an “uncool” thing to do or if you would feel like a “loser” but what I think most people forget is that people are there to see a movie not to see whom you came with.

The students as I said were a mixed bag but what about professors? Pete Iversen, the Video Production adjunct who also loves movies so I knew I could count on him for a solid response.

“I love going to movies by myself, also walked out of movies that I have gone to by myself,” said Iversen.

So there you have it, if there is a movie you really want to see but have no one to go with, call me…. just kidding, just GO! Movies are definitely more fun in the theaters and some movies deserve that cinematic treatment so don’t be afraid to go enjoy a movie by yourself, who knows you might actually enjoy yourself.