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Tips on Healthy Eating

By Diane Nguyen–Summer is right around the corner. Everyone is trying to get into shape for swimsuit season. Working out won’t be bad, but this article is going to help you eat healthy. This way you’ll have more energy to go throughout your day and to make you feel like you are making good food decisions.

1. Choose grilled food.

Choosing grilled foods over fried foods means fewer carbs. Notice how fried foods always have that extra breading? Well, those are extra carbs filled with the oil it was fried in that you don’t need. Compared to grilled where the food is kept as it’s natural self and then cooked on the grill.

2. Go for fish.

I learned this nifty tip in high school where the fewer legs your food has the healthier it is for you. For example, chicken is healthier than cow and fish are healthier than both. So next time you are at Applebee’s and you swear that you are on a diet choose the fish tacos over the steak.

3. Slow down when you eat.

Something nifty I learned this year is that the first 15 minutes when you are eating something you can stuff your face and once the 15 minutes are up you will feel like a log because you have literally stuffed yourself full. My suggestion to avoid this is to eat one bowl at a time and wait before you eat another bowl otherwise you’ll get bloated. Sounds harder than you think.

4. Or count your calories…I don’t do that because I have no desire to math.

The number of calories you need every day depends on a lot of things. There are a lot of helpful online calculators, like this one, so if you choose to go this route follow guidelines set by your activity level, body type, and other factors.

So when I feel like going on a random health kick I try to do what is mentioned above. It’s okay to eat unhealthy once in a while but when it starts affecting your well-being, you try to do everything you can to stop it from affecting you that way. Just embrace yourself and remember change takes time. It won’t happen instantly but simply over time. My last piece of advice is: when in doubt, make it colorful.

April 18, 2016

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