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Sunday December 16th 2018



Students Philanthropy Encourages The Spirit of Giving

By Alyssa Nehring–If you look in your wallet or pockets right now, what are the chances that you would find a dollar? Probably pretty high, even if it was made up of miscellaneous coins.

Why not give that dollar to the student philanthropy campaign? This campaign has a lot of different goals behind each and every dollar you give. The philanthropy campaign wants to educate students exactly what philanthropy is. Philanthropy is not only the giving of your money but also your time.

JJ Marlow, Assistant Director of Annual Scholarship Fund, said, “We want students as they transition to alumni to understand that it’s the act of giving, not the amount given.”

This is the third year of the student philanthropy campaign. The goal is to get 600 students to donate. “We just want the students to get involved,” Marlow stated.

Another perk is for every dollar you donate you are entered into a drawing for two $50 dollar gift cards for the bookstore.

“Yes college is expensive but without donations from alumni there would be zero scholarship money for current students.  Scholarships come from others generosity,” said Marlow.

To donate to the campaign, watch out for students in the dorms between the hours of 6-8pm and outside the cafeteria from 11 – 1 on April 4 through the 8th.