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Friday October 19th 2018



Avengers Assemble–In the Class Room! Avengers Academy App Review

By Kayla Perkins–School spirit is up, because the Avengers have joined the class! From the popular Marvel franchise comes a new Avengers college universe app, and its student body is only growing. Avengers Academy, AA for short, is a point and click mobile game that takes place in an alternate universe where Marvel’s Avengers are college students. Throughout the game the characters try to figure out the mysteries taking place on campus by completing tasks and interacting with other students.

AA is developed by Marvel and TinyCo, and is available for Android and iOS.

AA begins with a short scene showing SHIELD director Nick Fury demanding Iron Man’s Tony Stark get to class. Stark flies to class via his partly developed repulsor boots, landing in the middle of the new Avengers Academy, where superhero students can learn and train. The Academy is new, however, and it is up to the player to recruit various heroes to the school. Students are unlocked as the player levels up, which is done through completing timed tasks. Players can customize the campus, and can participate in various events that occasionally take place.

While the characters are redesigned to look younger, each makes references to their older counterparts, retaining their original personalities.

I play AA regularly, as a fan of Marvel comics and movies. I have found that I enjoy the references each character makes, but it was hard at first to warm up to the younger depictions. The game is very simple, so it can get repetitive. However, the story line that is unlocked has kept me captivated.

The downside to the game is that it is not fully completed, and there are parts of the game that have not been released yet, such as the dating option. Due to this, the timed tasks can take many hours to complete, in order to keep players occupied while updates are released. This is not a game people would play for long periods of time, but it is good for those who like to check apps once or twice a day.

Overall I would give this game a 7/10, but I remain optimistic that it will only improve as time goes on. It keeps the heroes in character, and the monologue is entertaining. However, game-wise there is not much to do at this time. I would recommend this to Marvel fans, or those interested in simulation games and point and click games.