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Friday October 19th 2018



Cute Animal Comics for When You’re Not Feeling People

By Diane Nguyen–Here I am in Minnesota with my boyfriend for a reunion. I hate people, so I don’t socialize. I say hi and then I am on the couch on my phone for the rest of the night. Or if there is an animal, where I am at, like a cat or a dog. Yes, I will be in the corner with the animal and spend my entire night there. Yet if there isn’t an animal, I’ll be on my phone looking at animal comics. If you are anything like me and catch yourself at a reunion or anything with no animals, take a look at these comics!

Fair warning. I love cats, so the comics mentioned are definitely cat comics.

One of the animal comics I enjoy is Simon’s Cat. Simon’s Cat has videos featuring a fluffy white cat in cute little ‘Awn’ scenarios that are almost guaranteed to make you smile. (That is unless you hate cats.) Not only does this page have videos but pictures from the videos just for you, the reader, to laugh at and enjoy. Along with videos and pictures, sometimes this page has gifs during the holidays of cats. If anything else, liking this page on Facebook and occasionally getting an unexpected glimpse of Simon’s Cat on your newsfeed is a good laugh before scrolling past.

Stupid Fox, in my opinion, is one of the funniest animal comics that keep me interested on the inter-webs for a decent period of time. You can like them on Facebook here:

Stupid Fox are strictly comics and photos that feature, go figure, a fox as the main character. This page also includes the fox with a raccoon and bunny sidekick. The ‘comics album’ on Facebook hasn’t been updated in over a year, but is still fun to look at. Even if you have already seen these comics, you’ll be surprised how something in the past will still make you laugh. The timeline photos, on the other hand, are updated quite frequently with fun and witty captions. There is something fun and cute always going on in the world of Stupid Fox.

My all time favorite animal comic is Pusheen the Cat. Pusheen the Cat seems to have only grown in popularity over time with stuffed animals for sale, toys, its own clothing line, and even books for sale. There are plenty of ways for you to get your Pusheen fix. Pusheen is a fat dark gray cat and sometimes his sibling Stormie is featured in the comics with him. Honestly, the only word I can use to describe Pusheen is cute. If you love cute things and you will fall in love with Pusheen.

These three comics are definitely the only things I am looking at, and making my data go up, when I am at a get together and there are NO animals around. I should probably interact with people but I’m just going to keep doing me and enjoy these comics in the corner. I’m not saying that you should be anti-social and sit in a corner and read these animals comics. It is only if YOU would like to sit in a corner and be anti-social that these comics are here for your entertainment. Happy reading!