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Tuesday October 23rd 2018



Top 5 Reasons to Live on Campus

RoadmanHallBy Lindsay Martin–After surviving the dorms freshman year, most students can’t wait to live off campus. While having your own room, not sharing a bathroom with at least 10 other people, and sleeping in a big bed is definitely tempting, living on campus might still be the best option.

Here are the five reasons why students should choose to live on campus.

Number one is the people. Living on campus allows students to have more opportunities to meet people. The friendships you gain in college will last a lifetime, and living away from campus could take away that opportunity. Usually there is always someone around to hang out with.

Lexi Busch, a junior, said, “I choose to live on campus because I have met and now have the opportunity to live with my best friends. I have built so many incredible relationships, and living on campus made that possible.”

Number two is feeling independent without all the important responsibilities. Students have the option to eat at the café instead of paying for groceries and making meals. Students can “live on their own,” but can always ask their roommate or resistant assistant for help. It is usually cheaper to live on campus instead of paying for rent, utilities, cable, and Internet.

Number three is a healthier lifestyle. There are always healthy food choices in the café; the hard part is resisting the bad choices. Working out is easier living on campus because the gym is closer and there are people around to encourage and motivate you.

Number four is performing better in school. If students live on campus they are more likely to go to the library to study. Also, if they have any questions about an assignment, or need to study for a test, there is more than likely someone on campus who can help.

Meghann Pucelik, a junior, said, “I live on campus because I can take advantage of the many resources available that allow me to succeed in my classes; such as the writing center or studying in a group.”

Number five is memories are made on campus. Whether it’s attending a football game, watching a hypnotist, listening to a concert, or just having a girls’ night; some of the best memories are made on campus.

If you have been debating whether or not to live on campus for next semester, hopefully these top 5 reasons help make the decision easier.