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Sunday October 21st 2018



Bright future for senior Barker

By Brittany Conolly–Nursing at Morningside is a 4-year program, and is one of the few majors that give  students hand on experience from sophomore year to graduation. There are many  reasons people pick nursing as their major, but some pick it for a specific reason. Kelsey Barker, a senior, chose nursing as her major for personal reasons.

When Barker was nine, she was diagnosed with diabetes. Ever since then she has wanted to become a nurse. From the personal relationships with the nurses that took care of her, she decided she wanted to provide the same care to others. Barker said, “I want to be there for those who need the care emotionally, physically, and mentally.”

Not only has Kelsey been working towards a career in nursing, she has also been working part time. For the past 4 years Barker has been a certified nursing assistant. She said, “It has driven me to becoming a better person and having a broader outlook on healthcare.”

Barker is finishing her 100 plus hour internship at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, IA. This internship is one of the final steps Barker most finish in order to graduate. In June she will take her nursing boards to be a certified RN. After passing  her boards she hopes to land a job at Mercy in Des Moines, IA.

The future is promising for Kelsey. In addition to graduation, is looking forward to getting married in August. Kelsey said, “I will soon be Kelsey Barker, RN, BSN and alumni of Morningside College.” As a senior, Barker is sure of what she wants her future to be.