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Tuesday October 23rd 2018



The ‘blahs’ can be depression

By Michelle Kuester–
Everyone has heard of the phrase “the winter blues.” This is the coldest and most depressing time of year, especially for those who are alone during the holidays. Depression and desolation can lead people to drastic and dangerous actions such as suicide.

The highest rate of suicide is during early Spring. It is thought to be because the depression set on by the winter months sticks with the person. They see suicide as a way of escape.

College students have a high risk of suicide due to the culmination of excessive homework, finals, and the lonely feelings associated with not being at home. This is an especially big problem for college freshmen.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for college students. Warning signs can be isolation, quietness, and a reserved a demeanor. But these are not guaranteed signs, and even the most rambunctious people can be dealing with thoughts of suicide. That is why it is important to stay vigilant and to look out for the wellbeing of friends and fellow students.

It is never funny to joke about suicide. Sometimes a huge paper or upcoming difficult test can make one joke that they want to kill themselves, but joking removes the seriousness behind it. If a student who is contemplating suicide hears others joke about it, it can make them think it is not a big deal.

If someone displays signs of serious depression, it is important to tell a professor or someone else who can help. Never just shrug it off as no big deal. It could end up being a huge regret to never say anything.

If you are contemplating suicide yourself, it is important to realize that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Things can and will get better.

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