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Guest Speaker: Professor Gonsler

October 12, 2021 · No Comments

John Gonsler a really good guest speaker, can keep a conversation going and could tell stories all day.

Gonsler grew up in Flint Michigan, Graduated from Michigan State University. Was a police officer in Flint Michigan where the scherrif was “dirtier then a pigs dick.” Then became a correctional officer in a medium level prison for a couple of years.

Was one out of 25 people that the Unabomber wrote back too. He was penpals with the Unabomber for about six months and thinks he only wrote back to him because he would ask questions about stuff that were interesting towards him “Until I pissed him off.” Pissed him off because he would ask questions that he didn’t want to answer.

During his time has a correctional officer, Gonsler has many of stories to tell about his time there. The stories go all over the place, and mostly are just about what his inmates did on a daily basis. he seen a prisoner bench press 405 pounds 5 times and Gonsler even said “I used to be a power lifter and I never seen anyone do 405.”

Gonsler then wanted to get into teaching and he only interviewed by 2 schools who were just starting up there criminal justice programs and one of them was Morningside. When asked what his favorite part about being a professor so far he explained that “teaching the intro level classes because the kids seem to have more interested and engaged in the intro classes.” Gonsler was also asked what he would change about criminal justice in our world and he explained “we are the most incarcerated country in the world.” Also added “65% of prisoners end up going back to prison.”

To sum things up that was one pretty interesting guest speakers you could’ve sat down and listened too. When asked one of the people in the room clarified and also said “Gonsler is one of the most interesting people to interview on campus.”

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Last conversation

October 7, 2021 · 1 Comment

Last conversation I had was around 11:00 last night. We were talking about baseball because my favorite team was playing his favorite team. My team won on a walk off home run and he was talking to me about how the pitchers on his team were terrible, and I was talking to him about how my team has a lot of players they can use in different spots.

His name was Brendan Buckley and last night he was wearing a blue sweatshirt with with black athletic shorts with white ankle socks and black slides. Brendan has brown hair and he is a basketball player and a freshman.

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What really happened in Afghanistan- final

September 30, 2021 · No Comments

The Biden Administration decided to go off script and go with their own plan instead of the August 31st deadline, after Afghanistan fell to the Taliban.

Former President Donald Trump and and now current president Joe Biden came to an agreement to stick with the plan to peacefully pull troops out of Afghanistan on May first, but with the recent situation and how many soldiers their were in Afghanistan the president decided to pull them out as soon as possible.

When the Biden Administration put this new plan in order, they left out some key parts. The key parts were that around 4,000 to 14,000 American Soldiers are stranded in Afghanistan after it fell to the Taliban.

When looking at the media people are saying mulptile things. You have people saying that Biden did the right thing and getting the troops out of Afghanistan after almost 20 years of fighting down there. Then you have your people saying that “This plan was as bad as when America fled out of Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam war.” Saying this is even worse than the exit from Vietnam means something. You will always have people arguing and having different sides when it comes to media these days.

Once the United States withdrew from Afghanistan the Taliban explains what they are going to implement once they gain full control. First major thing they are doing is that the Taliban government always excludes women from lots of things.

Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar explained to the media that they are trying to establish an exclusive government that will represent all the people who stay in Afghanistan.

The Taliban wants to run the same government when they ruled back in 1990’s which is called Old Guard. When it comes to the key leaders and the top of the chain, it consists of the certain people that are the head of the Taliban government.

The United States government is failing these soldiers and officals who are stuck in Afghanistan. Lets hope the Biden Administration can work on something quick and fix this huge problem that is currently happening.

The Biden Administration is currently working hard, Joe Biden says ” We will fix this issue and get these people home where they belong.” This will get better I hope and we will prevaile out of this because we are the United States of America and we are the greatest country.

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Mahomes youngest QB to reach 1500 yards: news comment 5

September 27, 2021 · 1 Comment

Yesterday afternoon Patrick Mahomes was the youngest QB to reach 15,000 yards and keeps on adding it his already hall of fame type career so far.

This article spoke about how this old record was held by Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams who reached 15,000 yards in only 53 games and Mahomes broke the record in only his 49th career game which is really impressive. Mahomes did indeed did this accomplishment on Sunday afternoon in a 30-24 loss to the Chargers in Kansas city. They went on to say all Mahomes need to beat the record was 168 yards in the game and he was thrown for more than 168 in everyone of his starts in the NFL and he did that again on Sunday when throwing for 260 yards. Mahomes only 26 has plenty of games left in his career so the 1 time MVP, Superbowl champ, and Superbowl MVP has plenty of accomplishments left in his career.

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Life during covid: With Tyler Strauss

September 27, 2021 · 1 Comment

Today I had a one on one with Tyler Strauss about what his life was like during covid, and asked him a series of question about that.

The first question I asked Tyler was, what was the hardest part of the pandemic for you? Tylers response was that the hardest thing was probably wearing the mask because he was never used to wearing a mask and then all of sudden had to wear a mask all the time wether it was during class, going to a store, etc etc.

Next question was turning the direction more towards school during covid. The question was, Did you find it more difficult to pay attention in classes while online instead of in person? He responded with ” I thought it was much harder to pay attention in online classes than in person classes, because with online you could have your cameras off in some classes and then I could always be on my phone because the professors couldn’t really know if you were or not.”

Then we panned over to the biggest worry about the pandemic and the biggest issues with sports. Tylers biggest worry was that the campus would turn to red and get shut down and having to move back home. When it came to the biggest issue with sports during covid Tylers response was “Bonding with the other players would be harder because you had to be more isolated and key guys would be out because of covid made it a lot more difficult for the team.”

The last question Tyler was asked was how many times did he have covid and how many times he had to quarantine? Tyler said that he never actually got covid which is a good thing and he only had to quarantine a couple of times but it was only for a couple of days.

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Scavenger Hunt

September 21, 2021 · 1 Comment

During my scavenger hunt I had to go out and find something with a Morningside logo on it and also have a conversation with a stranger about their favorite movie.

I went to Dimmit hall which are dorms here at Morningside and the first person I saw in the dorms I stopped them and asked them if I could have a conversation about their favorite movie. Her name was Bridget Smith and she is on the volleyball team I got to know during our conversation.

” My favorite movie is Whitehouse Down” Bridget explained and then she went on again to say “it’s my favorite movie because it is very interesting and has a lot of action.” I have never seen Whitehouse Down but I will watch it at some point now.

When it came to the thing with the Morningside logo on it I went to the Rosen Verdorn Sports Center. I went up to the coahes offices and got mail form that the mens basketball team sends out to fans to join the Mustang Stampede. The Mustang Stampede is a flyer they send out every month which a pamflet and comes which a shirt and all the inside stuff to Mustang basketball.

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The United States golf team won’t get along during Ryder Cup: News comment 3

September 20, 2021 · 1 Comment

Next Friday, The United States and Europe will be facing off in the Ryder Cup. The Europeans have won the last 9 out of 12 meetings. After reading this article on Espn it looks like tension is building up for the United states especially two players Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Kopkea. Fomrer players and captians of this event for the United States explained how this tournament has brought the players closer together and they build relationships for a lifetime from this tournament. I guess we will see how this pans out once the tournament gets going next Friday, but everyone on this United States team has high egos and that might hurt them this coming week and have them losing to the Europeans once again.

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Educational rides to be inserted into local parks: Lead 2

September 15, 2021 · 1 Comment

Central City recreation department announced earlier today they spent 11,000 dollars on the new educational rides to be but into the local parks for children.

The rides are called Hanging Gate, which gives away what it is in the name, but they will have a iron pole in the ground with a fence on it, and its purpose is for the children is to hold onto the gate and it will push them in a circle.

Recreational Department received this money for the new renovations six weeks ago by a local merchant. The Department was going to keep the donor anonymous, but the donor recently passed away 2 days ago. The mans wife claimed that he loved to watch kids play in the park, so that was the reason of the donation.

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Omaha Nebraska native killed in suicide bombing at Kabhul Airport: News Comment 2

September 9, 2021 · No Comments

Being from Omaha Nebraska this story hits close to home. I was saddened to hear this news and mourned for the families affected by the suicide bombing that took place at Kabhul airport. Daegen Page was a true patriot and a hero in my own eyes and served his country with honor and dignity. After reading this article on USA today website, I thought they really did a really good job on telling the whole story of Daegen where they talked about his whole life, where he grew up, where he went to highschool, what his hobbies are, and what he loved about the military, and much more. I hope the families get the honored funerals they deserve and hope they get peace from what this country is doing wrong right now.

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Amburn’s Produce Market getting sued in court

September 9, 2021 · No Comments

Ellie Maston is filing a law suit against Amburn’s Produce Market for 100,000 dollars in court today.

Matson is filing the lawsuit based on negligence because of the actions that took place in the market on April 2nd.

Matson’s injury occured because green beans were left on the floor and she slipped and fell and broke her hip. Matson explains that the green beans and the store left her with permanent body, and mental damages.

The lawsuit is still on going so there is no further information at this time.

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