Story #3

Our first comes to you from Des Moines Iowa where an Iowa man has been charged with a hate crime after police say he tore down and burned an LGBTQ flag hanging outside a bar in Des Moines. 32-year-old Daniel Rosemark was arrested after the early Wednesday morning incident. 

I asked senior nursing student Tatum Heath how she feels about a crime like this happening in Iowa. “……” A similar crime occurred in Ames when a man was arrested for taking a pride flag from a church and burning it.

Students are hoping similar crimes will not occur at Morningside. 

For our next story we take a look into the world of science and technology.

imagine rats moving around the streets of new york in their own tiny cars.

Scientists have worked with lab rats, teaching them to steer and drive custom made cars.

The rats learned to do this through both trial and error and were rewarded with cereal for successful results. Videos of the rats accomplishing these tasks were released and the rats were able to make some pretty good turns and maneuvers. 

Most people may assume that rats aren’t very intelligent creatures, this research may indicate that rats are much smarter than people perceive them to be.

I asked “blank” what their opinion on rats were and then showed them the videos, here’s what they said.

The world of science never ceases to amaze us.

For our final story, a six-year old boy brought a loaded gun to his Ohio school.

The student was caught after telling a classmate about the gun, which was hidden in his backpack. The gun was apparently the boy’s grandfathers. 

Gun control has been a highly debated topic among students of all forms of education. Morningside students seemed to have differing opinions on the subject. We asked ‘’’’’’’ what they thought of the story and the issue of gun control in general. 

Whether for or against, it seems gun control and the dangers of guns will be a prominent topic and issue in our modern times.

Thank you for listening tune in again tomorrow night at 6 central time.