A cold walk to class

The last conversation I had was right before I got to this class with my friends Riley Collins and Anna Uehling. Riley is very tall with brown hair and green eyes and was wearing a dark brown Air Jordan sweatshirt with black sweat pants. Anna was wearing a light blue and white winter coat, is pale like a ghost, and has blondish brown hair. We left our first class and headed into the cold, on our way to Journalism class.

We began walking from our last class discussing how it was dumb that we were kept in class later than usual. None of us were feeling like going to class and discussed if attending would even be worth it. Of course, we then dismissed this idea when Anna brought up the fact that we were almost done with the semester anyway and should just tough it out.

Anna then said I was a bad influence on Riley which I categorically denied. We noted seeing a large group of high school students outside of the library and headed in to our Journalism class.