Riley Collins, Simple yet Entertaining

“Travis Scott is a god among men.” exclaimed Riley when he was asked about who he looked up to most. He said the first time he ever listened to his music he “transcended reality” and “hasn’t been the same since”. Riley may have been saying things this way to make a more entertaining story, but these statements show who he is as a person.

Riley Collins can turn a dull conversation, into a humorous and entertaining experience in an instant. He likes to play video games and listen to music. These simple questions were answered in a very entertaining and humorous way. Along with his hobbies, Riley is very passionate about sports as he is on the Morningside Football team.

Riley grew up in Sioux City and wanted to continue to contribute to the city by staying close for college while simultaneously saving money by doing so. As for what he wants to do in the future, he isn’t too sure yet.