Story #3

Our first comes to you from Des Moines Iowa where an Iowa man has been charged with a hate crime after police say he tore down and burned an LGBTQ flag hanging outside a bar in Des Moines. 32-year-old Daniel Rosemark was arrested after the early Wednesday morning incident. 

I asked senior nursing student Tatum Heath how she feels about a crime like this happening in Iowa. “……” A similar crime occurred in Ames when a man was arrested for taking a pride flag from a church and burning it.

Students are hoping similar crimes will not occur at Morningside. 

For our next story we take a look into the world of science and technology.

imagine rats moving around the streets of new york in their own tiny cars.

Scientists have worked with lab rats, teaching them to steer and drive custom made cars.

The rats learned to do this through both trial and error and were rewarded with cereal for successful results. Videos of the rats accomplishing these tasks were released and the rats were able to make some pretty good turns and maneuvers. 

Most people may assume that rats aren’t very intelligent creatures, this research may indicate that rats are much smarter than people perceive them to be.

I asked “blank” what their opinion on rats were and then showed them the videos, here’s what they said.

The world of science never ceases to amaze us.

For our final story, a six-year old boy brought a loaded gun to his Ohio school.

The student was caught after telling a classmate about the gun, which was hidden in his backpack. The gun was apparently the boy’s grandfathers. 

Gun control has been a highly debated topic among students of all forms of education. Morningside students seemed to have differing opinions on the subject. We asked ‘’’’’’’ what they thought of the story and the issue of gun control in general. 

Whether for or against, it seems gun control and the dangers of guns will be a prominent topic and issue in our modern times.

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Riley Collins, Simple yet Entertaining

“Travis Scott is a god among men.” exclaimed Riley when he was asked about who he looked up to most. He said the first time he ever listened to his music he “transcended reality” and “hasn’t been the same since”. Riley may have been saying things this way to make a more entertaining story, but these statements show who he is as a person.

Riley Collins can turn a dull conversation, into a humorous and entertaining experience in an instant. He likes to play video games and listen to music. These simple questions were answered in a very entertaining and humorous way. Along with his hobbies, Riley is very passionate about sports as he is on the Morningside Football team.

Riley grew up in Sioux City and wanted to continue to contribute to the city by staying close for college while simultaneously saving money by doing so. As for what he wants to do in the future, he isn’t too sure yet.

Story #3 very rough draft

Breaking news:

A shooting injures a woman who was in her own home in Lincoln Ne. 

The shooting occurred near 17th and B streets after the woman answered questions given to her by two unidentified men. The men ended up shooting her in the chest, then ran off in a white Honda Civic. She is expected to survive and the local police are asking for help identifying the suspects who were reportedly both wearing hoods at the time.

In other news, a thief managed to steal over 5,000 dollars from a newly-wed’s reception in Florida.

Nabbing 5,000 dollars in gifts, the thief managed to nab a bag full of gift certificates, cash, and cards from the grooms own truck. The theft took place in a very short time period and the groom and bride are not happy. 

My initial reaction was like this, this is actually real?” the groom told NBC News on Wednesday. “Like people do this?”

The venue shared surveillance video of the theft, in hopes of catching the cold-hearted thief. The video showed a woman circling the parking lot in a silver Ford Explorer

“They waited, and as soon as the father of the bride put that bag in Chris’ truck, she walked up to the truck,” Brandy Harlan, the venue’s director of marketing and lead coordinator, said in a video. “And then she ran through the bushes to her car that was waiting,” Harlan added.

For our final story, a six-year old boy brought a loaded gun to his Ohio school.

The student was caught after telling a classmate about the gun, which was hidden in his backpack. The gun was apparently the boy’s grandfathers. The day could have ended a lot worse and thankfully the weapon was discovered in time.  The police are now warning people to keep their firearms locked up and out-of-reach of children.

Man is fatally stabbed over Popeyes

Imagine losing your life over a chicken sand which.

A man was fatally stabbed after attempting to cut line for a Popeyes chicken sand which.

The event occurred at a Popeyes in Oxion Hills Maryland, and the suspect and the woman seen with him are still at large. The victim, Kevin Tyrell Davis aged 28, cut a line made for people ordering the chicken sand which and when he got to the counter, chaos ensued. He was confronted by an unknown suspect, resulting in him being stabbed once in the upper body.

I feel that this story had good news value because it was about the trend of the Popeye’s chicken sand which. I cannot believe someone would kill someone over a chicken sand which. The writers do a good job of describing things in detail and the headline and lead really got me to continue reading the article.

Alabama Abortion Ban Is Blocked by a Federal Judge

A bill set to ban any abortions from taking place in Alabama, was blocked by a federal judge.

This bill was a near total ban on any kind of abortion procedures, not giving any exception to rape or incest. Any doctor that would be caught doing the procedure, could be sentenced to 99 years in jail. If the law hadn’t been blocked, it would have taken effect on Nov. 15th of this year.

This story has good value as people will be interested in what took place with this bill and what ended up happening. This is a widely-debated subject in America and has caused a split among everyone. I found the lead to provide good information, but didn’t find any reason to continue reading because of it. I think the story was well researched and good, but strictly factual and to the point, rather than entertaining.

Tiny Rats Driving Tiny Cars

Imagine rats moving around the streets of new york in their own tiny cars.

Scientists have worked with lab rats, teaching them to steer and drive custom made cars.

The rats learned to do this through both trial and error and rewarding the rats with food. The cars were made out of tiny plastic food containers and different copper parts and wheels. The rats gripped two copper bars that acted as the steering device and were able to eventually make different turns.

The rats found ways to problem solve, developing their own steering techniques when tasked with finding a specific point. They would try and find this specific point in order to be rewarded with a piece of cereal. Videos of the rats accomplishing these tasks were released and the rats were able to make some pretty good turns and maneuvers.

Teaching the rats to drive may have also reduced their overall stress levels. Two hormones found in rat droppings seemed to indicate this. Most people may assume that rats aren’t very intelligent creatures, this research may indicate that rats are much smarter than people perceive them to be.

The Omaha Herald vs. KETV 7 Omaha

For this media comparison I found a story from the world herald and KETV on an ICE raid that took place in Madison Ne. 14 people are now in custody following the raid on a local business. KETV’s lead is very simple and to the point. It just gets straight to the point and doesn’t say anything truly attention grabbing, but provides everything the reader would need to know about the story. The Omaha World Herald stated, “at least 12 workers were reported in custody after an Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid Wednesday morning at a Madison, Nebraska, facility that produces wood landscape mulch.” They provided a lot more information in their lead.

KETV’s article is very short compared to the World Herald’s article. This is because the world herald has to get all of their information across through text and some pictures, while KETV has sound and images to help get their information across. I found that both outlets did a good job of getting their information across in their own ways, but honestly I would rather watch a video than read a long article.

Greta Thunberg’s Speech Rocks the U.N. Climate Action Summit

“You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words!” Greta Thunberg said passionately to the crowd.

16-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg is not happy with how world leaders are dealing with climate change. She made this very clear at the U.N. Climate Action Summit yesterday, passionately expressing her frustrations and worries if world leaders continue to not do anything. Even with the social problems her Aspergers syndrome can cause, Greta still spoke very clearly and with no hesitation. She brought up different figures detailing just how dangerous climate change can become if not handled correctly.

“You’re failing us!” Greta screamed to the world leaders in attendance. She told the leaders that if nothing is done, her childhood is ruined and she will have no future. Greta continued on to say that there are only 8 and a half years left before climate emissions budget is gone. Meaning the world could begin to have major problems, eventually leading to mass extinction of the human race. Several times throughout the speech she stated, “How dare you!” which was just another emotional statement made by Greta to drive home her point. Her passionate speech must’ve struck a chord, as 65 countries pled achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 by the end of yesterday.

Fall Track Story #2 Final

“If you’re on the track team, but not the XC team, fall is a weird time of year for you.”

At least that’s what thrower and jumper Brian Johnston said, when asked what fall is like for trackster’s not on the cross-country team. He expressed how many people might not know the track team even does anything during the fall, but fall is actually a very busy time.

            Brian Johnston throws javelin and triple jumps, so he is a bit of a rarity on the team. Jumps practices have a small number of people and throwing practice has even less. He’s a great representation of the two groups and will help provide insight into to both groups. “Fall track for the throwers is all about getting better,” Brian stated, “For jumpers it’s the exact same thing, but a little more intense.” He said that both squads have practice regularly on different days throughout the week, which makes it hard for him to practice for both. “I basically get to choose what I want to practice on a given day, sometimes I choose to jump and get some sprints in, while others I head up the hill to throw jav.” Brian stated. The hill is where all the throwing takes place, practices take place on the track as one would expect. Fall track for Brian is all about getting better in the two events he loves doing.

            Wyatt McCaplin, is a junior sprinter who is really passionate about running 400 meters and 100 meters. He’s a great representation of a traditional sprinter on the team and has a different perspective than Brian does. “Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays are the days we practice, we lift Tuesday and Thursday.” Wyatt stated. Lifting happens after both of those practices and can be very taxing on the body. “I always feel sore after practice going into lifting, but I can tell it’s getting me better,” Wyatt said with some passion and fire in his voice. “Fall track is not about hitting the best times or being ready for actual competition, it’s all about getting yourself to be the best competitor you can be!” Wyatt said at a slightly high volume. Apparently, “People can suffer a lot of bad injuries during fall track, so it is important to not go overboard and over work yourself.” Riley said seriously. Riley was very passionate about getting better and really wanted to get track more exposure.

           The sprints/jumps coach is Andre Mcwell and nobody is more passionate and positive than Coach Andre. “Fall track is all about getting everyone in the best shape possible, it could be compared to what other teams call conditioning.” Andre said. He was very passionate and really wanted to emphasize just how much people improve during fall track. “People who give it their all and go 100% always succeed when the indoor and outdoor season comes around.” Andre also made a point of saying that not working too hard was important, “You gotta listen to your body man because if you push it too hard, your whole season could be over.” “Fall is a time to work hard on your grades and make sure you got everything down.” I found this to be inspiring honestly. Fall track is a time where a lot of work to get better is done.

California Man Is Convicted of Cyberstalking Parkland Victims’ Families

A man impersonated shooter Nikolas Cruz in order to taunt and terrorize the victims of the Parkland shooting.

The man’s name is Brandon Michael Fleury and he was found guilty of three counts of cyberstalking and one count of transmitting a kidnapping threat and could face up to twenty years in jail for this crime. The article goes on to give details of the crimes committed, and they are very disturbing. Brandon messaged family members of the victims, “I’m your abductor I’m kidnapping you fool,” and, “With the power of my AR-15, I take your loved ones away from you PERMANENTLY.”

This article is important because it shows how social media can get you in to a lot of trouble. The article has news values because it informs the reader of this cyberstalker and is very interesting. I think the article was well written with good information. I found the lead and headline very enticing and informative and it made me want to continue reading. I found the article interesting and I really can’t believe someone would do this to another person.