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One key skill for any reporter is to be objective. Objectivity is the ability to convey a story without placing the emotions and viewpoints of the reporter in the article they are writing. That means that the reporter must report both sides fairly without bias in their writing even though they might actually have a strong opinion. Interviews with both sides and reporting arguments made both ways is one way to remain objective. The use of adjectives can also be a pitfall for reporters who don’t intend to convey their standpoint on the topic as they can easily demonstrate their position. Remaining objective is important. To pass information to the intended audience effectively, being able to relate to all sides through objectivity is the best way. While the audience won’t agree with everything, they can usually relate to at least one of the arguments. Objectivity allows you to address a larger audience than an opinionated article. Objectivity is a tool that allows a reporter to address a larger audience and tell a story fairly which is invaluable for any reporter.

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  1. fuglsang

    The last sentence is nice summary, Zach. I would disagree about including emotion. Emotion — passion for the subject — can be important. Not always. But sometimes.

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