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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

For most Midwest residents snow isn’t such a big deal. For one individual, however, snow is a fascinating and wondrous thing.

Jesseca Ormond is a Morningside Freshman that has never seen snow until just recently. That is because she isn’t from the Midwest. In fact, she isn’t even from the United States. Ormond comes from the Caribbean nation Antigua.

Ormond spun and laughed as the snow fell earlier this month during our first real snowfall of the year. What many of us dread, or look forward to, each year is what has given her an experience of a lifetime.

Watch for more on Ormond’s story over the next couple of weeks.

Groom Shoots His Bride At Their Wedding Reception


Joy turned to horror yesterday afternoon at a local wedding reception.

At around five p.m. yesterday Richard Brunson shot his bride Laurette Kenny Brunson during their wedding reception.

One of the Brunson’s neighbors, Walter Corse, describes his account of what happened.

[Walter Corse Interview: I heard the sound of the shot, or I think I did. It was kind of a pop pop pop. And then the son came out yelling she’s been shot and can’t breathe.]

The incident occurred for a rather odd reason though.

Sargent Mann of the Sioux City Police Department explains.

[Sgt. Mann Interview: It happened after she threw a plate of wedding reception macaroni salad at him.]

Mrs. Brunson was shot in the abdomen and is in satisfactory condition at Saint Luke’s Hospital.

By the time police arrived on the scene, Brunson had fled. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Meet Pepper

The first affordable, truly social humanoid robot has arrived. In February of this year Softbank, a Japanese cellphone company, released Pepper with a price tag under two thousand dollars. Pepper has been designed to not only interact with people but also read nonverbal social cues. This allows Pepper to interact with people on a whole new level. However, Pepper only has the understanding of a small child so some things may go over the robot’s head. Don’t let that discourage you though. Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son says that Pepper was created to “be a member of the family.”

Chuck Todd says Millennials are Causing Change

NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd spoke at Morningside College last Friday with the message that Millennials  are changing America.

Todd’s proof that millennials are making a difference is the activism among them with groups such as LGBT and  Black Lives Matter. Millennials have also been the source of some judicial reform.

Millennials are also changing the way we look at politics. According to Todd the top three political affiliations for millennials are 1) No party, 2) Democrat, and 3) Republican. Todd noted that this is mainly because of the fact that many millennials have “lost faith in Washington”.

Part of the reasoning is that Washington is a mess and as Todd said, “The best and brightest don’t want to run for office.” He explained that many millennials are instead heading to the private sector for their careers.

Todd compared millennials to those of the depression era in the fact that they are more civic minded, community oriented, and activists than previous generations. These qualities would make them excellent leaders but again, they aren’t going to Washington.

Todd said, that we “can’t fix the mess if we don’t all pitch in. He encouraged millennials in the room to go for office. Hopefully his message got through.

Scheming Without Success

Before class Jenni Beaver and I were scheming. Jenni is a red haired Morningside Jr. of average height. Today she was wearing a gray jacket and up for a little fun. The target was none other than Taylor DeVary. DeVary had made the decision to take a nap in the lounge of the Mass Comm department. Our plan was to wake her with loud music. DeVary wouldn’t have been happy had our plan succeeded but unfortunately she had woken up just before we put our plan into action.

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