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The Hunt For The Red Paper Clip

“Are you serious?”

That is the reaction I got from Cathi Swan of the Business Office of Morningside college when I came searching for a red paper clip.

I had been tasked with finding not only a red paper clip but it also had to be “creatively bent” according to my instructions from Ross Fuglsang.

Swan laughed through the entire affair after I had made my initial request because this isn’t something many people ask for at the business office. After acquiring the paper clip for me I asked if she could bend it into something creative. The result is a red spiral.

I thanked her when I left and the smile on her face due to this unusual request was priceless.

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  1. fuglsang

    What does Cathi look like? Did she scrunch up her eyes when she asked, “Are you serious”? What happened during the meeting for her to realize you were serious?

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