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Welcome Kyle Kardell (Again)

On the campus of Morningside College students have returned to class. A young man named Kyle Kardell is among them. Kardell is a twenty year old Junior from Laurel, Nebraska studying Advertising and Corporate Communications. His class schedule for this semester includes Fundamentals of Journalism, Media Management, and Video Production. All students want to know what instructors are like before classes start but sometimes that isn’t always the case. When asked about Ross Fuglsang, the instructor for Fundamentals of Journalism, Kardell said Fuglsang is “fair and has no favorites but I’ve only had him for two days so I really shouldn’t judge.”

Outside of the classroom Kardell works for the Hard Rock in Sioux City as a bellman. He says that he really enjoys his job. For the past two years he was a football player but has decided not to pursue that activity this year. He claims to not really have any hobbies and isn’t a part of any campus organizations. He attributes this mostly to not having much time. Part of his free time, when it occurs, is spent watching his favorite television show, The Office. His personal favorite season is autumn.

Kyle Kardell is an autumn loving, twenty year old Junior at Morningside College and I wish him the best of luck in this semester.




  1. Zachery

    Since he is returning to morningside this isn’t really a welcome but more of a welcome back.

  2. fuglsang

    I missed what you said in class. What does “again” mean?

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