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Stuart Scott accepts 2014 Jimmy V award

“This is not a solo venture.” Stuart Scott was awarded the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the 2014 Espys. His loudest message throughout his acceptance speech was that fighting cancer is something you don’t fight alone.

Scott suffers from cancer and one thing he’s learned is that no matter how bad it gets there will always be someone there for him. From his family to his boss at work, everyone is there to support him in his fight against cancer. He told stories of how people have been there for him.

Scott’s most personal story was of the week before the Espys.  He  was in the hospital and had to endure four surgeries and by the end of it, he didn’t even know if he would be at the awards show. But throughout all of it he had family and friends beside him. His girlfriend spent every night on a cot while he was in the hospital in order to help him fight through it.

The support of his family means everything to Scott. They are his reason for continuing to fight. Scott’s fight will continue but he says, “I can never give up because I can’t leave my daughters.”

The Hunt For The Red Paper Clip

“Are you serious?”

That is the reaction I got from Cathi Swan of the Business Office of Morningside college when I came searching for a red paper clip.

I had been tasked with finding not only a red paper clip but it also had to be “creatively bent” according to my instructions from Ross Fuglsang.

Swan laughed through the entire affair after I had made my initial request because this isn’t something many people ask for at the business office. After acquiring the paper clip for me I asked if she could bend it into something creative. The result is a red spiral.

I thanked her when I left and the smile on her face due to this unusual request was priceless.

Three Injured and One Dead After Accident Outside Sioux City

Moyer Quick of South Sioux City, Neb. was killed in a car accident on Highway 20, two miles east of Sioux City yesterday morning.

Around 11 a.m. Quick’s vehicle collided with a truck driven by Randy Radin. Both vehicles went into the ditch on the north side of Highway 20 where Quick’s vehicle rolled over.

An autopsy report indicates that Quick had a heart attack which may have caused the accident.

After the accident Radin and Quick’s passengers, his wife Dorothy and sister Maxine Stuerwald of Lawton, Iowa, were transported to Marian Health Center for their injuries. Radin remains in critical condition. Quick’s wife has been released from the hospital. Steuerwald is scheduled to be released.

The accident is still under investigation.


Updated 9/22/15


One key skill for any reporter is to be objective. Objectivity is the ability to convey a story without placing the emotions and viewpoints of the reporter in the article they are writing. That means that the reporter must report both sides fairly without bias in their writing even though they might actually have a strong opinion. Interviews with both sides and reporting arguments made both ways is one way to remain objective. The use of adjectives can also be a pitfall for reporters who don’t intend to convey their standpoint on the topic as they can easily demonstrate their position. Remaining objective is important. To pass information to the intended audience effectively, being able to relate to all sides through objectivity is the best way. While the audience won’t agree with everything, they can usually relate to at least one of the arguments. Objectivity allows you to address a larger audience than an opinionated article. Objectivity is a tool that allows a reporter to address a larger audience and tell a story fairly which is invaluable for any reporter.

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