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Month: August 2019

Weekly News: City on Edge: Hong Kongs Summer of Protest

This Article really struck the eye because of the massive amount of people attending this Hong Kong summer protest. People covered the streets with signs and chants roaming for miles. Police force surrounding the areas for crowd control and protection was the main importance of this protest. This series of protests was 80 days after the mass march and consisted of many small outbursts of anger across the city. These riots started over a proposed law allowing extraditions to mainland China. As demands grew the more people were frustrated. With all that being said this is the biggest crisis in hong kong for many years.

This can attract the eyes of several people around different countries because it is a very big event and is changing the way people live in Hong Kong. A crisis can evolve anywhere and being aware of what is happening can grab the attention of a lot of people. In this post, the lead of the story really catches the attention of many people because of the cover photo that shows the police force defending themselves as fire covers the screen. The title really grabs your attention too when it states, “The city of protests”, meaning chaos is happening in Hong Kong and drama is very easy to dig into. As you scroll down you notice a picture with streets covered inch for inch with people if that’s holding signs, the action of screaming and more. The photographs for this article give it a whole new meaning and describe the article in a different way. It puts you in the situation and creates a vision for what is happening. This story is newsworthy because it’s a crisis happening and even though it might not be in the same country it can be important to be aware of what’s happening around you.

“Report On Racism, But Ditch The Labels”

While reading this post I kept In mind of two main questions that consist of did they make the right decision and what does this mean for the media and journalists. Notable statements were made in this article to persuade and give information about quotes and statements being said by the president.

In this article, they talked about the difference between insensitive and racist and who makes the decision on when the line is “crossed”. Is someone more sensitive toward that subject so they biased it more racially? Journalism gives a story not based on opinions but the information given that they can give detail too. Accountability, truth-telling, fairness, etc. are what give journalism its power to be reliable. It gives facts and statements about what happened. Keeping that in mind like they said its journalism, not opinion writing or philosopher, its just journalism. with that being said I think to make the comment that trump being racist and saying racist quotes can be very biased depending on the person and where someone draws the line. Others are more touchy and sensitive to different subjects.

For the media and journalist, this means there can and will be many different views of their opinion and how this situation is labeled. Everyone has a different opinion and the media and journalist can attack and describe what they want the audience to hear. This creates different fan bases of different opinions which causes drama which leads to confusion. This can also create buzz for the media and journalism which can also be a good thing. Overall depending on the information you give and how you want people to view it can depict how you are looked at as a reliable reference.

About Me!

My name is Tyler Carney and I am a sophomore here at Morningside College. I am double majoring in business and mass communication with a minor in sports management. My freshman year I played basketball and ran track but moving to my sophomore year I decided track was my best bet mentally and physically. During my high school years, I competed in track, cross country, basketball, and baseball. Some interesting things about me are that I love music especially music people have never heard before. In my free time, I like to chill, play 2k, workout, eat or hang with my dudes. So far in my first year of college, my favorite class is video production because that interested me and showed me what careers can really use that asset and how it connects with a lot of jobs. I also love the video production process! My favorite food is pasta of any kind! If I had to choose one I would pick goolosh. My dream job is being an athletic director at the collegiate level! Anything that helps me get there I will enjoy because its part of the process!

Interviewed Morgan Roberts

I interviewed Morgan Roberts. Morgan is a student here at Morningside college and runs at the collegiate level. I asked morgan some questions to get to know her a little more. Morgan is 19 years old coming from Spencer Iowa. She has two siblings, one sister at the age of 16 and another sister that is 23. She had played many sports at the high school level that consisted of softball, basketball, track and cross country. Her passion for running brought her here to run track and run cross country for coach Nash. When asked what she did in her free time besides run she stated that napping, eating a snack and listening to music were all at the top of things to do. When asked what type of music she enjoyed most she said Indie is her favorite music to listen too. To get to know her some more I asked what major she chose and what class interested her the most. Morgan stated that she was majoring in Business Marketing and her favorite class was business leadership because she enjoys it and thinks it will prepare her for the real world. Some interesting things about Morgan are that she has not left the country but says it’s on her bucket list to leave the country and visit Australia. Another interesting thing about her is that if she could pick one superpower for the rest of her life she would choose reading minds! Other comments she stated was, Halloween was her favorite holiday and if she could pick anywhere to eat she would choose Panera! This interview was very fun and I learned a lot!

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