My name is Tyler Carney and I am a sophomore here at Morningside College. I am double majoring in business and mass communication with a minor in sports management. My freshman year I played basketball and ran track but moving to my sophomore year I decided track was my best bet mentally and physically. During my high school years, I competed in track, cross country, basketball, and baseball. Some interesting things about me are that I love music especially music people have never heard before. In my free time, I like to chill, play 2k, workout, eat or hang with my dudes. So far in my first year of college, my favorite class is video production because that interested me and showed me what careers can really use that asset and how it connects with a lot of jobs. I also love the video production process! My favorite food is pasta of any kind! If I had to choose one I would pick goolosh. My dream job is being an athletic director at the collegiate level! Anything that helps me get there I will enjoy because its part of the process!