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News for journalism: Vaping; The Dangers of the product

Vaping, an E-cigarette that has a substance with many unknown chemicals has created a lot of publicity over the past few months. Not only are lung illness rising but deaths caused by this “unidentified” illness are occurring more and more as we speak. Not only adults have caught attention for vaping but the main target audience is teens. At the age of 18, you can obtain a vape/juul. As kids are turning 18 the rise of vapes being bought has increased so much where precautions are being promoted everywhere to get teens to stop vaping.

Matt Richtel and Denise Grady of New York Times reported a link to these illnesses to the deaths of these teens. Indiana announced the third death linked to the illness on Friday. Now up to five deaths, these precautions are advertised daily and the news is getting the attention of everyone. The health risk of vaping is real and dangerous. New York Times states “The Recent rise of acute lung illnesses linked to vaping has deepened concerns about the safety of the devices”. These E-Cigs were intended for smokers to quit by the satisfaction of addiction except with controlled nicotine that doesn’t contain deadly toxins from burning tobacco. In 2018 a survey by the federal government found that 21 percent of high school seniors had vaped within the previous 30 days compared to 11 percent a year earlier.

 Yale medicine announced that the problem with vaping is teens think it’s safe or safer than cigs and that’s the problem. They state “Federal and state officials have reported hundreds of total possible cases of pulmonary disease and several deaths that may be related to vaping. Patients’ symptoms ranged from cough, chest pain and shortness of breath to fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever, according to the CDC.” This article is trying to prevent the idea of vaping is safe and the awareness of what is actually going into their body.

USA Today announced that five deaths related to vaping have occurred and several others left with lung illnesses. With this brought to our attention, their focus is to state the risks of vaping and the harm it can cause. They also say “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 450 cases of vaping-related lung illnesses in 33 states and one territory are now under investigation by state and federal health officials, with the majority of the 58 cases most closely examined involving THC oil”. Preventing these lung diseases is the target for news and will continue to grow.


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  1. Ashley

    My first initial reaction to your story is that it was very interesting and I wanted to keep reading; it is an interesting topic and I feel like vaping is what every person our age is doing. It is crazy to me at the age of 18 you can have a juul/vape in your hands.

    When you said “These E-Cigs were intended for smokers to quit by the satisfaction of addiction except with controlled nicotine that doesn’t contain deadly toxins from burning tobacco.” That is so interesting, but sad because of what the effects of juuls have come to. I also like that you added those pictures at the end.

    The only thing I would say to add to your paper is just more information about the actual juul/vape product. Why is it addictive? What is inside of one? Why are so many kids using them?

    Loved your story! Very interesting to read!

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