I interviewed Morgan Roberts. Morgan is a student here at Morningside college and runs at the collegiate level. I asked morgan some questions to get to know her a little more. Morgan is 19 years old coming from Spencer Iowa. She has two siblings, one sister at the age of 16 and another sister that is 23. She had played many sports at the high school level that consisted of softball, basketball, track and cross country. Her passion for running brought her here to run track and run cross country for coach Nash. When asked what she did in her free time besides run she stated that napping, eating a snack and listening to music were all at the top of things to do. When asked what type of music she enjoyed most she said Indie is her favorite music to listen too. To get to know her some more I asked what major she chose and what class interested her the most. Morgan stated that she was majoring in Business Marketing and her favorite class was business leadership because she enjoys it and thinks it will prepare her for the real world. Some interesting things about Morgan are that she has not left the country but says it’s on her bucket list to leave the country and visit Australia. Another interesting thing about her is that if she could pick one superpower for the rest of her life she would choose reading minds! Other comments she stated was, Halloween was her favorite holiday and if she could pick anywhere to eat she would choose Panera! This interview was very fun and I learned a lot!